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Larimer County Fire/Flood Damage - Property Assessment Information

Visit the 2013 Flood Damage - Property Assessment Information page for assessor information related to the Larimer County 2013 Flood.

Appraisers from the assessor's office have looked at nearly all of the properties damaged or destroyed in the High Park fire in central Larimer County, the Woodland Heights fire in Estes Park, and the other fires and floods that occurred in 2012. The information we have gathered was used to determine adjustments for properties damaged or destroyed in these recent fires and floods.

Colorado property tax law provides for the proration of the value of structures destroyed or demolished during a tax year. For example, the homes and cabins destroyed in the fires/floods will be assessed for approximately five months as they were before the fire and for approximately seven months as they are now in their post-fire/flood condition. That proration affected the 2012 property taxes, payable in 2013, on those properties. Recent legislation also allows these properties to maintain a residential assessment rate on the property for the following year and potentially subsequent years.

Therefore, in 2013 and 2014 (payable in 2014 and 2015 respectively) an account where the residential improvement was destroyed will maintain the lower residential if it is held by the same owner. If the property is sold as a vacant parcel prior to January of either of those years it will be assessed at the vacant rate the following year unless new construction begins prior to that January 1 date. Our next reappraisal is in 2015 - this same policy may be applied for the 2015 and 2016 tax years. However, we are directed to review the area and the building and marketing activity to determine if there is still an intent to rebuild that is being delayed or if the remaining lots are being marketed as simply vacant. If we show that a number of them are still in the permitting process and working toward rebuilding we will most likely leave the residential rate in place. But if the area shows that these lots are marketed solely as vacant and very few have active building permits then these parcel will be assessed as vacant at that time.

2013 was a biennial reappraisal year for all real property in Larimer County and all of Colorado, so vacant land in the fire area was reappraised and those reappraisal values will be the basis for 2013 property taxes payable in 2014. Values set for 2013 on both vacant and improved parcels in this area took into account the impact the 2012 fires and floods had on the value of all affected properties.

As always, property owners with questions and concerns should contact our office directly.

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