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Building Department Gives Awards for Professionalism

The Board of Larimer County Commissioners recognized four outstanding local contractors. This is the 8th Annual presentation of the Larimer County Building Department's "Outstanding Professionalism Awards" program which honors contractors, architects and engineers for teamwork and customer-focused service.

The recipients for 2008 are:

  • Kevin Dorsey, Neenan Company-Fort Collins
    Kevin is the Design Manager for Neenan Company. Kevin has been excellent about meeting with us to go over the technical details of the projects Neenan Company has done in the past. His attention to detail in complying with the adopted building codes is greatly appreciated and makes plan review a smooth process. Kevin is always prepared with plans, application, and fees to process the permit.
  • Lee Barker, L.R.Barker Builder-Fort Collins
    Lee is helping pioneer green building and green development practices in Larimer County. An innovative builder committed to constructing high-quality, energy-efficient, low-impact homes that are also beautiful and comfortable, Lee is helping point the industry towards a more sustainable and responsible business model.
  • Wayne Gilbert, Mountain Shadow Builders-Loveland
    Wayne has consistently demonstrated his concerns to build to adopted codes and follow good construction practices. He makes sure his subcontractors follow his approved plans, complete their work in a timely manner, and when a correction is required that it is done correctly and without delay. Customers that have hired Wayne are extremely satisfied with their home or cabin and would find it easy to recommend him to perspective new clients. I have been impressed with Wayne's work ethic since I first met him and feel he is an exemplary contractor with dedication to superior quality and product.
  • Paul Bennett, Alpine Engineering-Estes Park
    Paul is great to work with and very knowledgeable. He is very helpful when questions arise. He also knows the code book well regarding engineering aspects at least. Paul spoke to our Northern Colorado Code Professional Association group a couple of months ago regarding wind load design per the 2006 IRC. He is well organized and made that section of the code more easily understood. It is good to have someone so approachable to help out with structural question when they arise.
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