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Justice Center Wins Energy Saving Building Competition

Larimer County's Justice Center has won the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) 2011 ENERGY STAR National Building Competition: Battle of the Buildings in the 'courthouse' category. The 8th Judicial District Green Team at the Larimer County Justice Center and Energy Conservation Specialist Stacey Baumgarn worked with the buildings occupants to save energy in the national competition.

The Larimer County Justice Center reduced its energy use by 9.1%, and saved approximately $15,000, in the May-November, 2011 competition. Across the country, five 'courthouses' were among the 245 buildings competing.

A variety of strategies, involving teamwork between County, State, and Facilities Services employees led to the win. Several energy saving awareness campaigns were instituted to encourage "If it's not in use - turn off the juice." Facilities staff made several energy efficiency improvements related to interior lighting and the optimization of several pump motors. "We are very proud to have been recognized as an ENERGY STAR Building and the occupants of the Larimer County Justice Center have worked very hard to decrease our energy consumption for the 2011 Battle of the Buildings competition" said Janelle Brunin, 8th Judicial District Administrator. "Our decrease in energy consumption by 9.1% was accomplished through employees working in natural light whenever possible, turning off lights in areas without natural light when not in use and setting computers and copiers to energy saving standby mode. Our "Green Team" will continue to remind everyone that their efforts can and do make a difference."

Maura Beard, Director of Strategic Communications for the ENERGY STAR Buildings Program, congratulated Larimer County's efforts, "EPA congratulates all of our ENERGY STAR National Building Competition participants for their exceptional efforts, and applauds Larimer County's Justice Center for their enthusiasm and commitment to saving energy. This year's impressive results demonstrate that every building - and every person - can make a difference by saving energy where we work, play and learn."

Larimer's Energy Conservation Specialist Stacey Baumgarn says this EPA program was part of their larger ENERGY STAR program and Larimer County was awarded a 2010 'ENERGY STAR' label for the Larimer County Justice Center, 201 LaPorte Ave. in Fort Collins. A 2011 designation is currently being considered by the EPA. Battle of the Buildings details, as well as information about ENERGY STAR designations, are available online at the EPA's ENERGY STAR and program web site.

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