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2006 Environmental Stewardship Award Winners

The Larimer County Board of Commissioners awarded four with the 2006 Environmental Stewardship Awards.

The Roberts Ranch: for granting conservation easements on its entire 16,500 acres. The Roberts family has been involved in ranching in the Livermore area since 1874, and their ranch has a Centennial Ranch designation. This is a working ranch that still supports traditional Hereford cattle ranching. It also provides exceptional open vistas and scenery including red bluff landmarks such as Steamboat Rock and Tug Rock. The Ranch is part of the Laramie Foothills Mountains to Plains Project, a partnership for conservation that includes private landowners, Larimer County Open Lands Program, City of Fort Collins Natural Areas Program, Legacy Land Trust and The Nature Conservancy. The Roberts Ranch lies in the very heart of the project. The Roberts have put their passion for preservation of the land above considerations of economic gain. The result is a permanent legacy that benefits all the Citizens of Larimer County and serves as an example for the conservation of private working farms and ranches.

Glacier View Meadows Ecology Committee: for their educational efforts related to sustaining the long-term well being of the natural habitat in the Glacier View Meadows residential community. Glacier View Meadows is located in the mountains west of Livermore and east of Red Feather Lakes. The Ecology Committee has used several educational procedures to help property owners learn how they can live in and interact with the surrounding environment in a manner that does not significantly alter or degrade the environment. The Ecology Committee has: constructed and now maintains a demonstration garden to show residents how to select and care for plantings that are appropriate for the area; they have constructed a self-guided nature trail to acquaint residents with many of the important ecological features of the habitat in which they live; they have produced educational articles about issues such as noxious weeds, pine beetle and mistletoe management; and, they have encouraged fire-wise safety practices. The efforts of the Ecology Committee have been ongoing for 10 years.

Envirofit International's Two-Stroke Engine Retrofit Kit: for their partnerships at the local and international level to reduce air emissions from two-cycle motorcycle engines. The original technology grew from a Clean Snowmobile Competition by Colorado State University (CSU) students to a full blown operating corporation that has the backing of the Philippine government. Envirofit developed from research work undertaken at the CSU Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory. This locally produced technology has important practical applications for developing nations like the Philippines where serious air pollution from two-cycle engines is occurring. We are very proud that this synthesis of intelligence, technology, and business springs from our County.

Timnath Education and Charitable Association's Timnath Community Garden: for their efforts to preserve the rural and gardening heritage of Timnath. This 2.5 acre garden is in the heart of town. During this first year of operation, it helped to promote a sense of community by bringing together groups and individuals to learn about organic gardening. Two of the garden plots were planted by Traut Core Knowledge School kindergarteners, who later harvested tomatoes, peppers and cilantro to make fresh salsa. Over 550 pounds of produce from the garden were donated to the Larimer County Food Bank. The garden has brought together community members, educated people, created beauty, and fed people in need.

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