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2007 Environmental Stewardship Award Winners

The Larimer County Board of Commissioners awarded five with the 2007 Environmental Stewardship Awards.

1. Anita Comer from Waste-Not Recycling, for her leadership in all aspects of solid waste recycling. Under Anita Comer's leadership, Waste-Not has grown from providing volunteer-based curbside recycling programs to offering complete recycling services to hundreds of businesses, schools and public entities. Services include recycling of construction and demolition wastes, electronics waste recycling, recycling programs in schools, and help with zero waste events. Waste-Not staff provides waste audits to determine the current status of a business's waste, and designs recycling services tailored to those needs. These services include everything from recycling containers to education and training for client needs. Anita and her staff have the reputation as problem solvers when it comes to finding solutions for recycling or reusing all manner of wastes. The result is a significant reduction of materials going to the landfill and a more sustainable community.

2. Ben Delatour Scout Ranch, for their stewardship program which has been active for more than fifteen years to protect and improve the natural resources on the ranch property. The stewardship program is lead by volunteers and accomplished through numerous work projects. For example, a conservation committee made up of volunteers, many of whom are professional natural resource managers, developed both a forest stewardship plan and a grazing plan for the property. The ongoing implementation of these plans has improved the forest health and grazing resources. Ben Delatour Scout Ranch has also developed effective partnerships related to their stewardship activities including students from Colorado State University and Front Range Community College. The stewardship activities at Ben Delatour serve as an example for other public and private institutions that manage large tracts of land in Larimer County.

3. Loveland Youth Gardeners, for their important efforts to cultivate skills, stewardship and service in young people through sustainable gardening. A variety of programs are offered each year to serve Loveland area youth. In conjunction with gardening skills, the students learn important job and life skills such as team work, leadership, public speaking and the importance of service to the community. In addition to the youth gardening, other programs include "Plant a Row for the Hungry" and "Leaf Out". In the Leaf Out program, students volunteer to organize a variety of service projects in the community, such as landscaping at a local middle school, assisting with gardening at the Benson Park Sculpture Garden, teaching younger children about gardening, and landscape design, planting and maintenance for local nonprofit agencies.

4. Rose Watson, for her commitment, dedication and skill as education coordinator for the Garbage Garage Education Center. Rose hosts classes for children ages 5 and up to teach them about solid waste and the importance of reducing and recycling waste. Both parents and coworkers report that the result is motivated children that challenge their families to lower the amount of waste they set out on the curb each week. Through Rose's leadership, classes designed for families have recently been added for the fall and winter. Rose is able to be effective because she brings enthusiasm, knowledge and hard work to her efforts, plus a willingness to be such an important leader for the Garbage Garage Education Center.

5. Platte River Power Authority, for their commitment to stewardship activities as demonstrated in many actions and projects related to their core service of power generation. Environmental accomplishments include the voluntary installation of a new air combustion system at the Platte River Rawhide Energy Station that resulted in a 63 percent reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions, and a 16 percent reduction in both sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide emissions. Other activities include wind energy generated from Platte River's Medicine Bow Wind Project, customer conservation assistance programs, reducing employee gasoline consumption through the purchase of hybrid vehicles and participation in the Smart Trips VanGo program, and programs to foster wildlife on the property surrounding the Rawhide Energy Station. Major utilities such as Platte River Power Authority have a unique opportunity to demonstrate environmental stewardship by going above and beyond regulatory requirements.

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