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Larimer County Parents Are State Foster Parents of the Year

Larimer County foster parents Louise and Jim East were named outstanding foster parents of the year by the Colorado State Foster Parent Association and the Colorado Coalition of Adoptive Families. The couple was presented the award at the 2002 Annual Education Conference on October 10 in Glenwood Springs. The Easts have served as foster parents for Larimer County for the last 17 years and have cared for numerous troubled and challenging children. The couple has also adopted two children.

Larimer County Foster Care Program representative Phyllis Stoner says the County is very grateful for the Easts, "Larimer County is grateful for their dedication to the children who have been victims of abuse and neglect. In addition we recognize their commitment to helping families to put their lives back together. Many thanks are due Louise and Jim."

Larimer County's Foster Care Program provides training for family foster care providers. Family Foster Homes provide temporary substitute care for children, ages 0 through 18, who have been removed from their families due to physical, sexual or emotional abuse, neglect or the parent is otherwise unavailable. Foster parents offer day to day care and guidance until the child can be reunited with their birth family, move to a resource family or permanent adoptive home, or emancipate. County caseworkers work closely with foster parents to identify and meet the special needs of the children. The children are covered by Medicaid insurance and the foster parents are given a monthly stipend to help reimburse the cost of their care.

For more information on the Larimer County Foster care program contact Phyllis Stoner at 498-6588 and visit the Foster Care website.

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