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Garbage Garage Wins National Award

The Larimer County Natural Resources Department has won the 'Best New Program Award' from the North American Hazardous Materials Management Association (NAHMMA). The national award was for the County's Garbage Garage Education Center located at the Larimer County landfill in southwest Fort Collins, Colorado. The department was honored earlier this month at the 2003 Hazardous Materials Management Conference in Kansas City, Mo.

The Best New Program Award recognizes the best household hazardous waste (HHW) program implemented at the local level during the past year. The Garbage Garage includes displays and interactive activities relating to the safe handling of HHW, including a "kitchen cabinet" asking visitors to point out five things wrong with items stored in it, a display showing less toxic alternatives to common household cleaners, and a slide show about the problems and solutions relating to electronics waste disposal.

In addition to HHW education, the Garbage Garage offers fun and colorful exhibits about trash, landfills, and reducing, reusing and recycling. The education center opened in April and has received positive, enthusiastic comments from visitors. To arrange a visit, call the natural resources department at (970) 498-5772. NAHMMA is a membership-based association comprised of individuals from government, business and the environmental community who are committed to pollution prevention.

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