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Health Department Receives Award For Internship Program

The Health Department's Environmental Health (EH) division sponsors one or two environmental health interns each year. These students, who major in environmental health at CSU, are exposed to many of the environmental health activities performed by local health departments, such as food safety inspection; school, daycare, and camp inspections; emergency preparedness and response; monitoring and controlling animal- and insect-transmitted diseases ; protecting air and water quality; and investigating disease outbreaks.

The Health Department has offered an environmental health internship for over 40 years. The majority of EH staff are graduates of the CSU Environmental Health Program, and many began their experience with the health department as interns. The award-winning program is currently coordinated by LeeAnne Kempton, environmental health specialist, a CSU graduate and one-time intern in the program.

"We're very lucky to have in our county a University with a strong Environmental Health program from which to recruit both interns and staff," said Dr. Adrienne LeBailly, director of the Health Department.

"The interns help us in so many valuable ways. We're certainly very happy that they have found the experience worthwhile."

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