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First-Ever Innovation Awards Winners

The Board of County Commissioners heard presentations from Larimer County's first-ever Innovation Awards Program winners. The program was initiated as a way to encourage long-time innovation at Larimer County by recognizing groundbreaking and/or /novel approaches to providing County Services. All the projects have potential for far-reaching impacts, beyond Larimer County government. A total of $6,000.00 is being awarded to these four projects for 2012.

E-Discovery - an innovative method of providing mandated discovery to defense counsel in an electronic format. The newly-developed system incorporates electronic data transfer of law enforcement files and other discoverable documents into a single, automated process shortening staff time from ten hours to less than two hours. The team: Scot Ganshert, District Attorney's (DA) Office, Kathleen Sullivan, Facilities and Information Technology (FITD), Brant Gluth, FITD, and Tamara Pusheck, DA's Office, will share a $2,000 Innovation Award.

Road Information Locator (RIL) - a Larimer County-developed web-based tool that integrates roadway information and geographical data from the County's Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Data. This allows the user to select an address and quickly determine if the roadway is County-maintained (snow removal/maintenance), the traffic count, sign information, etc. The RIL project has replaced manual/paper research and so reduced staff time required to respond to citizen inquiries and implement County projects. Currently used in-house, plans are underway to make this an interactive public tool as well. The team: Drew Davis, Public Works, Christine Day, FITD, Brian Fraaken, Engineering, Jeff Rulli, FITD, Royce Simpson, FITD, and Ali Whitcomb, Public Works, will share a $2,000 Innovation Award.

The Assessor's iPad Work Place Implementation - an innovation leveraging technology available in the iPad to replace five devices previously used in the field by Property Assessors (laptop computer, GPS receivers, cell phone, digital cameras and clipboard/paper documents) creating greater efficiency and, ultimately, lower cost to replace devices. Stan Sadusky was nominated by Ron Kerr, Chief Deputy Assessor, for this innovation and will receive a $1,000 Innovation Award.

Inmate Medication Program - an innovation that allows the Larimer County Jail to meet the needs of the Jail population while providing continuity of care resulting in a more stable Jail population and a reduction in medication costs at the Jail. DeAnn George recognized that medications prescribed for mental illness are among the most expensive and, in most cases, had been received through Touchstone Health Partners (formerly the Larimer Center for Mental Health) prior to coming to the Jail. DeAnn partnered with Touchstone to ensure that inmates who were receiving medications through them continued to receive them at no cost to the Jail while incarcerated. DeAnn will receive a $1,000 Innovation Award for implementing this innovation.

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