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Director of Public Health wins McKee Community Health Award

Larimer County's Director of Public Health, Dr. Adrienne LeBailly, has won the annual McKee Community Health Award. The award recognizes an individual that contributes to the overall health and well ness of the Loveland Community. Dr. LeBailly was nominated by the Board of County Commissioners for her outstanding efforts, and the efforts of those who worked with her, on the eight H1N1 Flu Pandemic mass vaccination clinics in 2009. Approximately 18,000 Larimer County residents were immunized against H1N1 through these health department clinics. The average time from arrival at the clinic through immunization was only 10 to 15 minutes per client! This project was a massive undertaking and Dr. LeBailly's visionary leadership motivated a dedicated staff of Health Department and Health District of Northern Larimer County employees as well as hundreds of volunteers to carry out the vision and add to it.

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