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County Offices, Courts, and the Landfill will all be closed on Monday, May 30, 2016 for the Memorial Day Holiday. Critical services at Larimer County are not disrupted by closures.

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Requests for Bids and Proposals

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Rocky Mountain Bid System

Larimer County Purchasing posts all Invitations to Bid and Requests for Proposal at Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System (RMEPS). There is both a free option and a pay option. Larimer County solicitations published on RMEPS will state "Larimer County" as part of the title.

Posting of current solicitations on this site is merely for public convenience and is not intended to serve as an official source. The County does not assume any responsibility for errors or misinterpretations resulting from the use of incomplete sets of bid documents.

Larimer County Purchasing will not be held responsible for misinformation received from private plan holders. Please use the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System.

Current Bids and Proposals

Due Date Number Title Documents Contact
05/27/2016 P16-02 Budget Software


All questions regarding this proposal must be in writing and should go to Les Brown, Purchasing Agent II, at brownxld@larimer.org. Questions are due no later than 10:00 a.m. May 18th. 2016. Please call Les Brown at 970-498-5954 to verify receipt of your questions.

Les Brown, Purchasing Agent
05/27/2016 B16-05 Berthoud Estates Wastewater Treatment Plant




Les Brown, Purchasing Agent
06/16/2016 B16-01 West Creek Bridge Repairs - PN9429


A Prebid Conference will be held at 10:00 a.m., Thursday, June 9, 2016, in the Lake Estes Conference Room at the Larimer County Engineering Department, 200 West Oak Street, Fort Collins, Colorado. Representatives of Larimer County will be present to discuss the project and to answer questions. Bidders are requested (not required) to attend and participate in the conference.

Les Brown, Purchasing Agent

Past Solicitations

Number Title Award
B16-06 Road Shouldering Materials - Aggregate for Bases
P16-07 RESOLICITATION of Consultant Services for the Inspire Initiative – “Connecting Youth & Families to the Outdoors”
P16-04 Non-Paved Road Maintenance Services
P16-03 On-Demand Graphic Design Services
B16-04 Non-Red Tinted Riprap and Boulders Award Info
P16-05 Consultant Services for the Inspire Initiative – “Connecting Youth & Families to the Outdoors” Award Info
B16-03 Sales and Use Tax Revenue Note (Animal Facility Project), Series 2016
B16-02 RE-BID Trailer Mounted Water Pumps Award Info
P15-42 Fairgrounds and Natural Resources Master Plans Award Info
P15-40 Big Thompson Rain & Stream Gauge Network Award Info
P15-41 Waste Characterization Study Award Info
B15-25 2016 Chip Seal Street Sweeping Services Award Info
B15-24 Crushed Type I and Crushed Type II Cover Coat Aggregate Award Info
P15-37 Retirement Plan Advisory Services
P16-01 Loveland Property Acquisition
B15-23 Trailer Mounted Water Pumps Award Info
P15-39 General Construction Services Award Info
P15-34 Polling/Public Opinion Research Services Award Info
P15-36 Geotechnical Consulting & Materials Testing Services Award Info
P15-26 DUI Education Services Award Info
B15-20 PN9432 - Flood Repair at Lions Open Space Award Info
P15-23 River Bluffs Restoration and Resiliency Plan Award Info
P15-30 Resolicitation of Consultant for AP Electronic Payment Implementation in Oracle Award Info
P15-33 Auto Body Repair Award Info
P15-31 Killpecker Radio Tower Project Award Info
P15-20 Horsetooth Reservoir Visitor’s Center and Maintenance Shop Award Info
P15-29 Alternative Agricultural Water Transfer Project Award Info
P15-21 Jail Fire Alarm and Smoke Control Design Services Award Info
B15-22 Reconstruction of CR 29 CR 22H and CR 31D Award Info
B15-21 PN310, Replacement of Bridge No. LR50-0.2-17 over the Larimer and Weld Canal Award Info
P15-28 Humane Society Animal Shelter Award Info
P15-27 Body Scanner Award Info
P15-25 Disaster Recovery and Hazard Mitigation Services Award Info
P15-22 Engineering Design, Surveying, Plan Prep & Construction Management Services Award Info
P15-14 Disaster Debris Removal & Hauling Services Award Info
B15-17 Snow and Ice Removal Services Award Info
P15-24 Law Enforcement Vehicle Award Info
B15-18 2015 Resurfacing Program PN 9069 Award Info
B15-13 Construction Inspections & Materials Laboratory Testing Services Award Info
P15-19 K9 Kennel Construction Award Info
B15-16 Slide-In Water Tanks Award Info
P15-18 Consulting Services for Unmet Needs and Community Fragility Study Award Info
B15-15 Flood Related Asphalt Patching Award Info
B15-12 Fog Seal, Emulsified Gilsonite Sealer/Rejuvenates and Rejuvenates for Asphalt Pavement Award Info
B15-14 HDPE Culvert Liner Award Info
P15-09 Economic Development Asset Assessment Award Info
B15-09 2015 Chip Seal Street Sweeping Services Award Info
B15-11 Polymerized and Rubberized Asphalt Emulsion Award Info
B15-10 Minus One-Half and Minus Three-Eights Inch Cover Aggregate for vendors Award Info
B15-08 Fish Creek Water Association Water Line Project - Local Improvement District (LID) 2013-3 Award Info
P15-10 Auditing Services Award Info
P15-17 Office on Aging - Support Services Award Info

Expired bids will remain here for 1 year following their due date.

General Information

General questions regarding any of the above requests can be directed to:

Larimer County Purchasing Director
200 W. Oak Street
Suite 4000
Fort Collins, CO 80521
(970) 498-5956

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