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Current Boards and Commissions

Agricultural Advisory Board
The role of the Agricultural Advisory Board is to advise the Board of County Commissioners and appropriate county departments on issues that affect production agriculture and agri-business in Larimer County.

Board of Adjustment
Hears and decides appeals on administrative zoning decisions and considers variances to relieve exceptional or undue hardship imposed by the setback and building height requirements of the Land Use Code.

Board of Appeals
Hears and decides appeals of orders, decisions or determinations made by the Building Official relative to the application and interpretation of the International Building, Residential, Plumbing, Mechanical, Fuel Gas, Energy Conservation, and Existing Building Codes.

Board of Health
By Statute, the Board of Health functions as the governing and policy board for the Larimer County Health Department in administering and enforcing local and state health laws and regulations.

Board of Social Services
The Larimer County Commissioners serve as the Board of Social Services. This is not a citizen board. WE DO NOT ACCEPT APPLICATIONS FOR THIS BOARD. This listing is for access to the posted minutes of the meetings of this board only.

Citizen Review Panel
Reviews and makes recommendations concerning grievances of alleged inappropriate conduct by Larimer County Department of Human Services personnel, in the performance of their duties under the Children's Code.

Community Corrections Advisory Board
Sets criteria, reviews referrals to adult community corrections programs; reviews and monitors adult programming and operation.

Environmental and Science Advisory Board
Serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of County Commissioners regarding environmental issues within the county and region. Issues reviewed include those raised by the Board of County Commissioners, individual County departments, and the Environmental and Science Advisory Board itself.

Estes Park Local Marketing District
Visit Estes Park is an organization formed in 2009 for the purpose of advertising, marketing and promoting tourism in the Estes Park area through a Local Marketing District, now doing business as Visit Estes Park.

Estes Valley Board of Adjustment
The Estes Valley Board of Adjustment hears zoning variance applications in the Estes Valley Planning Area pursuant to the terms and conditions of the jointly adopted Estes Valley Development Code. Membership consists of five representatives from the Planning Area. Larimer County will appoint two members. Applicants must live within the Estes Valley Development Code Area. Map of the development code can be found on the Estes Valley Development Code page (please copy & paste into your browser):

Estes Valley Planning Commission
Joint planning commission for Town of Estes Park and surrounding county to advise Town Board and Board of County Commissioners on land use matters and applications. Applicants must live OUTSIDE THE TOWN LIMITS OF ESTES PARK, BUT WITHIN THE ESTES VALLEY DEVELOPMENT CODE AREA. Map of the development code can be found on the Estes Valley Development Code page (please copy & paste into your browser):

Extension Advisory Committee
The committee gives input to the county Extension Office on needs for non-formal education related to families, consumers, landowners, agriculture producers and youth in Larimer County.

Fair Board
The Fair Board works in partnership with the Ranch Staff, CSU Extension, and the Rodeo Committee to put on the yearly Larimer County Fair. Specific responsibilities of the Fair Board include the Fair Parade, the Queens Program, Guest Services and Volunteers, and Animal Welfare. The Board serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of County Commissioners.

Flood Review Board
Reviews the exact boundaries of the Floodway and Flood fringe zones, special permit applications, variance petitions for the Flood Plain Regulation, and petitions for expansion of non-conforming uses and structures. Applicants should be technically qualified in civil engineering with an emphasis in river hydrology, must have knowledge of local and federal flood plain regulation and background in hydraulic modeling.

General Improvement District (GID) and Public Improvement District (PID) Advisory Boards
The Improvement District Advisory Boards assist and make recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners on the affairs of the district.

Juvenile Community Review Board
Screens referrals for youth returning to Larimer County from the Division of Youth Corrections.

Land Stewardship Advisory Board
Advises the County Commissioners on any matters that concern weed and pest control.

LaPorte Area Planning Advisory Committee
Solicit community involvement, opinion, and active participation. Make recommendations consistent with the LaPorte Area Land Use Plan to Larimer County Boards and Commissions. Advises the Board of County Commissioners on other land use matters of interest to the LaPorte area. Develop, refine and promote a vision of the future for the LaPorte community.

Larimer County Interagency Oversight Group
The Larimer County Interagency Oversight Group (LCIOG) is a board designed to maintain and restore community health, safety, and well being by partnering with families, youth, children and communities to provide an integrated, immediate, unduplicated and efficient continuum of local services for families with children in Larimer County.

Larimer Emergency Telephone Authority
The Larimer Emergency Telephone Authority is responsible for the administration and operation of the "E-911" emergency telephone service in Larimer County.

Office on Aging Advisory Council
The Office on Aging Advisory Council advises the Commissioners and the Office on Aging in all matters of planning for older adults. The primary purpose of the council is to carry out the objectives and intent of the Older Americans Act of 1965, as amended.

Open Lands Advisory Board
Makes recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners regarding the County's share of the Help Preserve Open Spaces sales and use tax. The membership of the advisory board represents a balance in geography, population, and interest.

Parks Advisory Board
This board, created as an extension of the Parks Master Plan Task Force, makes recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners regarding the implementation of the Parks Master Plan.

Planning Commission
Responsible for adopting a long-range master plan for the physical development of the unincorporated territory of the County; reviews and makes recommendations on zoning, rezoning, subdivisions and Special Reviews.

Red Feather Lakes Planning Advisory Committee
The role of the Red Feather Lakes PAC is to provide an organized forum to facilitate communication with Larimer County Government and within the Red Feather Lakes community on issues of impact.

Retirement Board
This is an internal Larimer County Board. It follows the Colorado Revised Statutes; contracts and advises the trustee as to investment choices for the Larimer County Retirement Plan.

Rural Land Use Board
Advises the Rural Land Use Center (RLUC) staff on process negotiations and policy decisions; makes recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners regarding rural land development and changes to the purposes and objectives of the RLUC.

Weld/Larimer Revolving Loan Fund
Members of this committee make loan decisions regarding a financial loan pool made up of State of Colorado Community Development Block Grant dollars granted to the Weld/Larimer region. The purpose of the fund is to provide gap financing assistance to new business and existing business expansions in the rural areas of both counties, with the aim of creating jobs and improved economic conditions. There are eligibility requirements for business ventures applying for the RLF money.

Workforce Development Board
The Larimer County Workforce Development Board provides employer-led, strategic leadership to assist employers in finding talent for existing and emerging industries by convening necessary partners and to assist community members in reaching their full potential.

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