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Legislative Position Guide

The Larimer County Legislative Position Guide identifies issues of importance to Larimer County. The document is intended to summarize Larimer County's position on issues that affect the quality of life and the governance of our community.


  • Larimer County supports efforts to ensure viable agriculture opportunities.
  • Larimer County supports effective right to farm ordinances.
  • Larimer County supports efforts to maintain an economically and ecologically sustainable agriculture.
  • Larimer County supports multiple use and management of federal, state and county lands that are compatible with agriculture and our ecological well-being.
  • Larimer County supports the use of conservation easements, leases and transferable development rights to maintain viable agriculture industry.
  • Larimer County is aware of the challenges of maintaining adequate supplies of irrigation water to support agriculture and supports innovative approaches to address this need.

Contact: Laurel Kubin
Extension Office

County Power

  • Larimer County supports continued refinement of the powers and authority for the functional home rule option and for the statutory counties by continuing the review of additional ordinance authority to deliver services at the grassroots level closest to the people.
  • Larimer County opposes the diminution of current county powers.

Contact:Michelle Bird
Board of County Commissioners' Office

Economic Development

  • Larimer County supports working closely with municipal and school officials, economic development organizations, business leaders and others in developing goals and policies to expand employment opportunities and continue our healthy economic conditions in Larimer County.
  • Larimer County supports the establishment and continuation of Enterprise Zones.
  • Larimer County supports the development of a local economy that is increasingly self-reliant and that meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.
  • Larimer County supports the elimination of excessive regulatory burdens that discourage and prohibit corporate, small business and home operated economic development.
  • Larimer County supports small business development.
  • Larimer County supports opportunities for entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Larimer County supports quality job creation and business investment opportunities. Larimer County supports efforts to establish Rural Broadband.

Contact: Jacob Castillo
Economic Development
970-498- 6605

Families And Consumers

  • Larimer County supports proposals that strengthen families.
  • Larimer County supports policy and proposals that promote economic freedom and personal responsibilities for present and future families.
  • Larimer County opposes federal and state regulatory mandates on private health care insurance and care providers that decrease quality and accessibility with increase costs.
  • Larimer County supports prevention - oriented programs that work with families and consumers to develop their well being to the fullest.
  • Larimer county supports a commitment to character education and encourages state-wide initiatives to encourage character building in our families, schools, businesses, churches, community groups, media, and government.

Contact: Laurel Kubin
Extension Office

Human Services (Social Services)

  • Larimer County supports allowing flexibility at the county level in implementing programs and providing assistance and services.
  • Larimer County supports statewide simplification of the methods used to determine client eligibility for programs and services.
  • Larimer County supports the elimination of unnecessary state program mandates that do not reflect federal mandates.
  • Larimer County supports adequate state/federal funding for child-care assistance for families transitioning to jobs or working to retain employment.
  • Larimer County supports block grants of state and federal funds to counties, local flexibility in program implementation and annual increases in allocations based on caseload increases and inflation (except when measurable decreases in county workload are provided.)
  • Larimer County supports effective child support enforcement and holding parents responsible for the support of their minor children.
  • Larimer County supports the rights of children to reside in a safe environment and to be free from physical and emotional harm, and that all actions taken be made in the best interests of the child.
  • Larimer County supports that primary responsibility for children lies with parents, and governmental intervention is only appropriate where the health and safety of the child or the community are threatened.
  • Human Services programs should be managed at the local level to accommodate better collaboration of local service agencies and better tailoring of the programs to local issues.
  • Larimer County supports the State providing general funds to enhance employment focused programs under Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).
  • Larimer County supports new and ongoing State funding of Collaborative Management programs that serve at risk youth.
  • Larimer County encourages the Colorado Works Allocation Committee to distribute TANF funds in such a manner that mandated Basic Cash Assistance (BCA) and eligibility determination of all counties is fully funded before the distribution of other discretionary TANF funds.

Contact: Laura Walker
Human Services


  • Larimer County opposes any efforts to change Mandatory Parole and the sentence length of offenders sentenced to the Department of Corrections or any reductions in the time offenders spend on Parole or in Community Corrections as reductions will put a cost burden on local communities.
  • Larimer County supports additional State resources dedicated to assist counties with the impacts of the unfunded mandates to supply facilities and other services to meet state service demands.
  • Larimer County supports efforts for the provision of facilities for State sentence prisoners in State facilities, and removing these prisoners from County jails.
  • Larimer County supports reimbursement in full to the counties from the State of Colorado, if these prisoners are to be housed at the expense of counties.

Contact: Gary Darling
Criminal Justice

Land Use

  • Larimer County supports the preservation of private property rights as defined by law, and balancing of the rights of property owners and public needs.
  • Larimer County supports local determination (rather than state) on land use matters, except for those that clearly have regional or state impact.
  • Larimer County supports continuation and expansion of the authority to assess impact fees on new development.
  • Larimer County supports encouragement of the use of annexation by municipalities to provide for orderly growth of urban services.
  • Larimer County supports strengthening of Colorado Statutes that assert local authority to plan for and manage growth and which strengthen enabling authority for local land use matters.
  • Larimer County supports the extraction of minerals and other natural resources that is often governed by both state and local review and permitting processes.
  • Larimer County supports such joint efforts to the extent that state regulations do not pre-empt local land use regulations. In addition, the strengthening of local control and input into such joint processes will be supported.
  • Larimer County supports the reduction of land use regulations, building codes, and processes that unnecessarily increase costs to consumers and make housing and services unaffordable to many county residents.
  • Larimer County opposes any federal or state attempt to lock any privately owned agricultural land into agriculture land use in any long-range comprehensive plan.
  • Larimer County opposes any state ballot initiative regulations that usurp the powers of county government in land use planning decisions.
  • Larimer County supports the policy that no private property should be designated open space, trail right of way, special place, without prior written consent of the property owner.
  • Larimer County supports adoption of policies and laws that require state and federal agencies to conform with local land use regulations and zoning ordinances.

Contact: Terry Gilbert
Community Development


  • Larimer County supports the provision of services through private enterprise when in the public good.
  • Larimer County supports the opinion that outsourcing of privatize services should be based on sound business and social decisions, made at the local level.
  • Larimer County opposes any mandates that require the privatization or outsourcing of any county services.

Contact: Michelle Bird
Board of County Commissioners' Office

Public Health

  • Larimer County supports the public health mission of promoting a healthy community and reducing unnecessary suffering caused by preventable disease, disability, or death
  • Larimer County supports the fulfillment of essential public health functions by providing core public health services based on community needs.
  • Larimer County supports the belief that all county residents should have the opportunity to make the choices that allow them to live a long, healthy life, regardless of their income, education or social circumstances.
  • Larimer County supports basing public health laws and regulations on the best available science.
  • Larimer County supports balancing the rights of individuals and businesses with the right of the community to be protected from harm and using the least restrictive means available to accomplish a desired public health goal.
  • Larimer County supports licensing, inspection, and health protection functions and an equitable system allowing the health department to recoup its costs.
  • Larimer County supports the ability to set fees for local public health services, licenses, and permits at the local, rather than the state, level to allow for flexibility and responsiveness to local needs. When state statutes pre-empt local fees for licenses and permits, Larimer County believes that user fees should cover most of the costs, rather than taxes.
  • Larimer County supports maintaining state per capita funding for local public health services and adjusting annual allocations for inflation.
  • Larimer County supports collaboration among public and private sector partners in the public health system.

Contact: Adrienne LeBailly, MD
Heath and Environment

Senior Services

  • Larimer County supports legislation that increases resources to provide for services funded under the Older Americans Act.
  • Larimer County supports programs funded by the Colorado State Legislature for the aging adults in Colorado.
  • Larimer County supports the central role of families and informal caregivers and all long-term care policies and programs to support them.
  • Larimer County supports affordable housing for older adults in Larimer County.
  • Larimer County supports strengthening Social Security's underlying social insurance structure. It should also strengthen the system's ability to respond to the needs and rights of all Americans, targeting women, minority individuals and low-income people.
  • Larimer County supports legislation that improves the access services for older adults, in particular, transportation for medical purposes, meal sites, and senior centers.
  • Larimer County supports legislation to mandate the reporting of neglect, abuse and exploitation of at risk adults with the assurance that State funding will increase in accordance with the expected increase in caseload.

Contact: Laura Walker
Human Services

Solid and Hazardous Waste

  • Larimer County supports legislation that gives counties significant authority to develop and operate integrated solid waste programs that include recycling, landfilling, waste to energy centers and composting.
  • Larimer County opposes efforts to allow any state agency to site a solid waste management facility without local approval.
  • Larimer County opposes any attempt made by the state to promulgate rules that are more stringent than those established through federal law.

Contact: Stephen Gillette
Solid Waste

Taxation and Finance

  • Larimer County opposes unfunded mandates passed on by the general assembly and congress.
  • Larimer County opposes legislation that adds unnecessary regulations and rules that increases the cost of county government (e.g. the high cost of running elections)
  • Larimer County supports legislation that will reduce and eventually eliminate programs funded by the property tax revenues that are neither controlled nor generated at the local level.
  • Larimer County supports reimbursement (backfill) for any decrease in sales or property tax revenues caused by new or revised legislation that reduces or exempts sales or property taxation.
  • Larimer County supports actions that improve the effectiveness of State collection of local sales tax.
  • Larimer County opposes legislation that takes away County authority to accept or reject specific sales tax exemptions.
  • Larimer County supports increased coordination between taxing entities to create an environment that makes it easier for vendors to correctly collect and remit sales tax.
  • Larimer County supports urban renewal legislation that mitigates negative county financial impacts from Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) and promotes cooperation between affected jurisdictions.

Contact: Carol Block


  • Larimer County supports legislation that will create the opportunity for local government to design their own transportation mechanisms.
  • Larimer County supports cooperation between federal, state and local governments involving the financing of Larimer County's roads and transportation systems.

Contact: Mark Peterson
Public Works

Weed Control

  • Larimer County supports the efforts to control the spread of noxious weeds.
  • Larimer County supports efforts to increase public awareness of the social, economic and environmental impacts of weed infestations and associated control strategies. .

Contact: Gary Buffington
Natural Resources

Worker's Compensation

  • Larimer County supports legislation that improves the efficiency of the Division of Workers' Compensation.
  • Larimer County opposes legislation that adds administrative burdens or taxes to self-insurance programs.
  • Larimer County opposes legislation that increases insurance premium costs to employers.
  • Larimer County opposes legislation that weakens the protection proved by the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act
  • Larimer County opposes legislation that denies the employer the right to make cost effective decisions regarding such things as choice of provider for Workers' Compensation injuries.

Contact: Jeff Green
Risk Manager

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