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2014 Adopted Net Budget - $229,302,046
(2014 Adopted Total Budget - $317,722,363)

The Adopted 2014 Larimer County budget was prepared in compliance with state statute, generally accepted budgeting principles, funding agency requirements, and the budget priorities and directions of the Board of County Commissioners.

The Adopted 2014 Larimer County Operational Budget is $ 229,302,046. This represents a decrease of 1.8% from the 2013 Original Operational Budget of $233,594,486 and a 12.9% decrease from the 2013 Revised Operational Budget. However, after including Non-Operational Governmental Accounts the 2014 Adopted Total County Budget is $317,722,363. This is a 1.8% decrease from the Original Total 2013 Budget and a 13.9% decrease from the Revised Total 2013 Budget.

Result/Outcome Category 2012 Actual 2013 Original Budget 2013 Revised Budget 2014 Adopted Budget
Community Resources, Infrastructure and Planning
$ 50,844,106 $ 72,646,429 $ 89,260,745 $ 55,298,858
Health and Economic Services $ 52,262,327 $ 56,964,868 $ 58,877,370 $ 59,171,414
Public Records and Information Services $ 12,646,962 $ 12,436,420 $ 12,978,705 $ 14,034,286
Public Safety Services $ 62,359,267 $ 63,725,490 $ 67,971,866 $ 63,429,154
Strategic Leadership and Administrative Services $ 24,090,208 $ 27,834,150 $ 34,184,408 $ 37,368,334
County Operating Budget $ 202,202,870 $ 233,607,357 $ 263,273,094 $ 229,302,046
Non-Operational Governmental Accounts $ 125,224,304 $ 89,988,161 $ 105,655,198 $ 88,420,317
Total County Budget $ 327,427,174 $ 323,595,518 $ 368,928,292 $ 317,772,363

Overall Budget Strategy - As guidance to the County Manager for preparing the 2014 budget, the Board identified the goal of maintaining services (after significant reductions from 2010 to 2013) by authorizing an average 2% increase in county support towards 2014 budgets. This action was a modification to the 3-Year Budget Reduction Plan (referred to as "glide path") of reducing budgets to absorb an expiring Jail Sales and Use tax in 2015. The hope is that if the economy of northern Colorado continues a modest annual improvement and the County uses small amounts of its reserves in 2015 and 2016, then a balanced budget may be possible by 2017.

Budget Requirements - The County Commissioners also identified additional requirements that the budget must address:

  • The budget must maintain adequate fund balances in major operating funds.
  • The budget must address, to the extent resources are available, the priorities identified in Commissioners Work Plan and Strategic Plan.
  • The budget shall not commit Larimer County to providing programs or levels of service that cannot be reasonably sustained in light of projected resources.
  • Maintain employee compensation at the 50th percentile goal.
  • Offer a limited-term Voluntary Employee Separation Program to assist departments in lowering future labor costs. This program provides cash incentives to employees that voluntarily leave county employment and their position may be eliminated or refilled at a significantly lower cost.
  • Consider "investment" proposals that with one-time funding would result in on-going reduced costs or improved and more efficient/effective services.
  • Identify all budgeted ending fund balances (reserves) to assure that the funds are properly designated for future projects and/or services.
  • Provide for the reasonable and timely replacement of equipment and software that are important for the efficient and effective operation of county services. 

Budget Documents

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Copies of the 2014 Proposed Budget are available at the Larimer County Budget Office, 200 West Oak Street, Fort Collins, Colorado (phone 970-498-7017). Copies are also sent to local public libraries, local radio & television stations and local newspapers.

If you you would like to make comments on the Larimer County Budget, comments may be:

  • E-mailed to the County Commissioners at
  • Mailed to the County Commissioners, PO Box 1190, Fort Collins, CO 80522
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