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2017 Adopted Net Budget $253,005,043
(2017 Adopted Total Budget $426,436,285)

The Adopted 2017 Larimer County Budget was prepared under the direction of the Board of Larimer County Commissioners and the County Manager using guidelines specified by the Board. As required by State statute, the major features in the budget are listed in this Budget Message.

The Adopted 2017 Larimer County Operating Budget is $253,005,043. This represents a decrease of less than one percent from the 2016 Original Operating Budget of $254,233,959 and a 10 percent decrease from the 2016 Revised Operating Budget. However, after including Non-Operational Governmental Accounts ($103,065,204) and Disaster Response and Recovery Costs ($70,366,038), the 2017 Adopted Total County Budget is $426,436,285. This is a 4.1 percent increase from the Original Total 2016 Budget ($409,633,262) and a one percent increase from the Revised Total 2016 Budget ($423,061,970).

Overall 2017 Budget Strategy - As guidance to the County Manager for preparing the 2017 budget, the identified the goal of maintaining services by authorizing an average 3 percent increase in county support towards 2017 budgets. Based on the estimated 1.9 percent increase in taxable assessed value based on new construction in the August certification by the Office of the Assessor, and the expiration of a one-time 2016 property tax rebate, the existing mill levy rate would result in approximately $4.4 million in increased tax levy for general operations (not including Foothills Gateway, the Pest Control District, or improvement districts).

The 2017 Adopted Budget was prepared incorporating the County objectives of:

  • Maintaining employee compensation at the compensation goal.
  • Consider additional funding proposals (above the basic 3% increase) that would be a benefit to the community and address required 2017 elements of the County's adopted Strategic Plan.
  • Identifying all budgeted ending fund balances (reserves) to assure that the funds are properly designated for future projects and/or services.
  • Providing for the reasonable and timely replacement of equipment, assets and software that are important for the efficient and effective operation of county services.
Result/Outcome Category2015 Actual2016 Original Budget2016 Revised Budget2017 Adopted BudgetPct. Chg from Revised
Community Resources, Infrastructure and Planning Services $55,509,759 $70,695,117 $87,225,942 $58,856,555 -33%
Human and Economic Health Services $57,502,371 $64,105,321 $64,376,268 $67,017,434 4%
Public Records and Information Services $11,685,516 $15,859,318 $16,045,143 $17,116,777 7%
Public Safety Services $68,271,717 $71,946,243 $75,793,394 $77,287,654 2%
Strategic Leadership and Administrative Services $28,371,232 $31,627,960 $38,957,803 $32,726,623 -16%
County Operating Budget $221,340,595 $254,233,959 $282,398,550 $253,005,043 -10%
Non-Operational Governmental Accounts $117,933,308 $116,548,047 $117,155,364 $103,065,204 -10%
Disaster Response and Recovery Services $29,283,536 $38,851,256 $23,508,056 $70,366,038 199%
Total County Budget $368,557,439 $409,633,262 $423,061,970 $428,569,190 1%

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