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Commercial Certificate of Occupancy

When is a Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.) required on a commercial building? Before a building or structure is occupied. Examples:

  1. All new commercial, industrial, and multi-family structures.
  2. When there has been a change in the existing occupancy classification of a building or structure, for example from a warehouse to office.
  3. Tenant finishes in a shell building.
  4. Major commercial additions that require Site Plan Approval.

When is a Letter of Completion issued instead of a C.O.? Examples:

  1. Accessory structures.
  2. Minor additions or alterations of a commercial building.
  3. Shell buildings.

What steps are required to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy or Letter of Completion?

  1. Need to obtain a final approval from all agencies that approved the permit.
  2. Meet all conditions of approval of the permit. Conditions of approval are printed on your new Building Permits and on the back of the permit card.
  3. Bring in permit card showing all approvals, proof that all conditions are met, and request a Certificate of Occupancy.

Here are some examples of some agencies that may need final approval:

  1. Larimer County Building Department (Building & Wildfire Approval).
  2. Colorado State Electrical Board (Electrical Permit).
  3. Larimer County Environmental Health (Septic or Food License Permit).
  4. Larimer County Engineering Department (Access Permit, Surveyor's Certification, and Storm Drainage Approval on Commercial Buildings).
  5. Local Fire Department (Sprinkler and/or Final on Commercial Buildings).
  6. Larimer County Planning Department (Landscaping & Final Site Plan Approval on Commercial Buildings).

A Temporary C.O. may be request by following the same procedure as above. If final approval was not obtained, but there are no life safety issues as determined by the inspector a T.C.O. may be requested. There will be a $600 fee for temporary certificate of occupancy. A Temporary Certificate of Occupancy shall be valid for six months. If a full Certificate of Occupancy is issued within the first month, all but $40 will be refunded. If a full Certificate of Occupancy is issued prior to the six month expiration, $100 shall be refunded for each full month remaining out of the original six month validity period of the Temporary Certificate of Occupancy.

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