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Criminal Justice Planning

criminal justice planning

The mission of Criminal Justice Planning at Larimer County is to assess the entire public safety system to make sure that justice is served and that efficiencies are in place that promote good use of public resources. With this in mind, outcomes include: assisting policy makers in better planning for the expected increase in the jail population; and, creating intermediate sanctions and other criminal justice services and programs. Because this is a systemic effort, the Criminal Justice Advisory Committee, was created to make sure all the components of the criminal justice system were included. Support is provided to the Criminal Justice Advisory Committee via reports on current statistics within the criminal justice system. These reports help to identify trends in inmate populations within Larimer County in support of the Committee's efforts.

Other highlights of the Criminal Justice Planning function at Larimer County include:

  • Ongoing research to find the best evidence based practices being used to alternatively supervise and treat those individuals sentenced by the courts.
  • Recommendation of new programs for implementation in Larimer County in order to keep the use of valuable jail beds to a minimum.
  • Identification of legislation that affects the criminal justice system both positively and negatively.
  • Identification of opportunities for grant funds that may enhance criminal justice operations within Larimer County.

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