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Search and Rescue Cards

Colorado residents and visitors are well served by dedicated volunteer search and rescue teams. By purchasing a Search and Rescue card, you are contributing to the Search and Rescue Fund, which will reimburse these teams for costs incurred in your search and rescue. Funds remaining at the end of the year are used to help pay for training and equipment for these teams. The card is not insurance and does not reimburse individuals nor does it pay for medical transport. It reimburses Sheriff Departments for eligible costs involved in the discharge of a search and rescue mission.

The card is available for $3.00 for one year and $12.00 for a five year card and can be purchased at the Citizen Information Center located at 200 West Oak Street in Fort Collins.

Our office accepts cash, checks, and debit/credit cards (with a small convenience fee added).

For additional information, visit their site.

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