Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson

Program Inquiries and Contact Information

For inquiries concerning treatment programs, please contact:

Michael Ruttenberg, Director of Clinical Services - 970-498-7554,

  • Current responsibilities include:
    • Short Term Intensive Residential Remedial Treatment
    • Women in New Recovery
    • Residential Dual Diagnosis Treatment
    • Alternatives to Incarceration for Individuals with Mental Health Needs
    • Victim Services
  • Started with Larimer County Community Corrections in 2006
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and credentialed clinical supervisor
  • Prior experience includes mental health/substance abuse/family therapist and program director in residential treatment programs for youth and families involved in the juvenile justice, child protection, and developmental disability systems

For inquiries concerning case management, please contact:

Joe Ferrando, Director of Case Management Services - 970-498-7519,

  • Current responsibilities include:
    • Residential and Non Residential Case Management
    • Employment Specialists
  • Started with Larimer County Community Corrections in May 1989
  • Prior experience includes 8 years working with Youth at Risk
  • Bachelor's Degree in Social Work from Slippery Rock State College

For inquiries concerning residential, transportation or Day Reporting programs, please contact:

Dana Hersch, Director of Security Services - 970-498-7558,

  • Current responsibilities include:
    • Residential Security
    • Transportation Services
    • Day Reporting Center
  • Moved to Community Corrections in 2006 as Assistant Director
  • Started with Larimer County in 1985 in the Alternative Sentencing Unit
  • Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies, Colorado State University, 1983

For inquiries concerning evaluations of clients for placement, please contact:

Mary Shaw, Director of Intake Services - 970-498- 7523,

  • Current responsibilities include:
    • Evaluation Services
    • Administrative Services
  • Started with Larimer County Community Corrections in 1987
  • Bachelor in Sociology, emphasis Criminal Justice and Psychology, University of Northern Colorado 1987
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