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First Annual Larimer County
Community Report

The 2013 Larimer County Community Report summarizes how you benefit, directly and indirectly, from the services Larimer County provides as well as how Larimer County gets the most out of available revenues through innovation and efficiencies.

2013 Community Report


The report showcases the diversity of services we provide to the 300,000+ residents of our community. After viewing the report, check out the accompanying video segments. They provide additional insight into services, the Larimer County budget, and how that budget is utilized.

99% of county services are
available to ALL residents
1% of services are for
unincorporated areas only
(Community Development)

Take a look at what services your county government provides and learn about how the Larimer County budget is distributed.

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Public Safety

Larimer County provides services that support the entire justice system – patrol, arrest, investigation, prosecution, sentencing, and incarceration – for all 2,640 square miles of the County. Larimer County also provides timely disaster response and recovery, most recently for the 2012 High Park Fire and 2013 Colorado Flood.

Public Records Statistics

Jail Population
2006 Jail population: 513
2006 County population: 281,215

2012 Jail population: 453
2012 County population: 310,487

Whether you are a survivor of a disaster or a victim of a crime, Larimer County has people to help you. Learn about the emergency response teams, the County jail, and other alternative programs offered to offenders.

Community Resources, Infrastructure,
and Planning

In 2012, Larimer County saw 30,000 boaters visit Horsetooth Reservoir, recycled over 961 tons of material, and maintained over 900 miles of County roads. Other services include The Ranch, building inspection, community planning and development, engineering, and management of Larimer County's parks and open spaces.

Recycled Materials

Landfill Capacity and Recycling
Recycling keeps waste out of the landfill thereby increasing its useful life and delaying the expense of building a new facility.

Recreation is why people choose to live here. Discover more about the County's conservation efforts for natural areas, the landfill services, community development, and transportation projects.

Public Records and Information Services

In addition to recording public records, registering motor vehicles, and providing marriage licenses, Larimer County was the first county in the state to implement the vote center model for convenient elections.

In Larimer County, there is no wrong place to vote!

Public Records Statistics

Essential Public Records
Marriage licenses in 2012 – 2,856
Vehicle registrations in 2012 – 324,029
Properties assessed in 2012 – 150,629

Find out about how property taxes are determined and collected and learn about the many services offered at the Citizen Information Center.

Human and Economic Services

In 2012, Larimer County assisted 18,039 job seekers, completed 1,844 restaurant inspections, and ranked first or second in most state-wide child welfare performance goals. Larimer County also helps protect residents from contagious diseases and monitors air and water quality.

Recycled Materials

Citizen Survey Results
1 = strongly disagree    5 = strongly agree

See how the County offers support for its citizens by providing health services and guidance for job seekers.

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