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Overview of the Judicial System

NOTE: Information on this web page was accurate at the time of its writing, but may have changed since then. Access the links to the source agencies for the most current information.

Municipal Court

(970) 221-6800

Municipal (city) court processes violations of city ordinances committed within city limits. In many cases, these ordinances involve traffic, shoplifting, and offenses such as dog leash law violations, and disturbances. Individuals have the right to a jury trial in the Municipal Court, in some cases, and can appeal a decision to a state court. The Fort Collins Municipal Court is located at the Fort Collins city building at 215 North Mason. The other city municipal courts are located within their respective city buildings.

Camera Radar and Red Light Clerk:
(970) 221-6867

County Courts

(970) 494-3500

Every county in Colorado has a county court with one or more county judges. These courts handle traffic cases and misdemeanor criminal matters, as well as small civil actions to $15,000 (amount as of 2001). In certain cases, citizens can have a jury trial if they choose. An appeal from a county court decision may be made to the district court. County Court is located in the Larimer County Justice Center and in Loveland at 810 East 10th Street, Loveland, CO 80537.

Fort Collins Traffic Division:
(970) 494-3500

Fort Collins Criminal Division:
(970) 494-3500

Loveland Branch:
(970) 622-2100

Small Claims Court

(970) 494-3500

The Small Claims Court is a division of the County Court. Individuals are allowed to argue their own cases and to have speedy decisions on civil matters involving no more than $7,500 (amount as of 2001). There are no jury trials and matters are heard by a magistrate. Small Claims Court is located in the Larimer County Justice Center.

See also: Colorado Judicial Help Center

District Court

The State of Colorado is divided into 22 judicial districts with one or more district judges in each district. Larimer County is included in the Eighth Judicial District and has seven district judges and four magistrates. These courts have the authority to handle many types of cases including divorces, civil claims, juvenile matters, probate (estates), mental health and criminal cases. Any individual may appeal a district court decision to the Colorado Court of Appeals. District courts are located in the Larimer County Justice Center.

Judicial Administration:
(970) 494-3590

Jury Information Recording:
(970) 494-3555

Jury Commissioner:
(970) 494-3555

See also: Colorado Judicial Help Center

Probation Department

(970) 494-3900

The Probation Department provides an alternative form of sentencing for someone convicted of a crime. Appropriate persons may be placed under the supervision of a probation officer, rather than going to jail or prison. The probation department is located in the Larimer County Justice Center and on the sixth floor at 3l5 West Oak Street in Fort Collins, and in the Loveland Police and Courts building at 810 East 10th Street and also at 205 East 6th Street in Loveland.

Loveland Probation Department:
(970) 622-2150

See also: Colorado Probation Services

Community Corrections

Community Corrections provides positive local options for adult and juvenile non-violent offenders. Adult services include a 63 bed residential facility, non-residential supervision, sentencing evaluations, and pretrial bond supervision. Youth services include juvenile jail screening, community service programming, and victim offender mediation.

Adult Services/Administration:
(970) 498-7530

Youth Services Bureau:
(970) 498-7470

Public Defender

(970) 493-1212

The Public Defender is a lawyer employed by the State government to represent a person accused of a crime who cannot afford to hire a private lawyer. The Public Defender does not represent people in any civil matters. The Public Defender's Office is located at #1 Old Town Square, Suite 200, in Fort Collins.

Larimer County Attorney

(970) 498-7450

The County Attorney's Office provides legal service and advice to the Board of County Commissioners and their divisions and departments, and, when appropriate, initiates and represents the county in litigation. The County Attorney's office also handles involuntary commitments to the state hospital. The County Attorney's main office is located in the First Tower Building, 215 West Oak Street, on the ninth floor, Fort Collins.

City Attorneys

City attorneys advise city council and employees of the city in matters relating to their official powers and duties. They represent the city in all legal proceedings, as well as prosecute all violations of the city code and ordinances in municipal court. City attorneys may also issue advisory opinions regarding the interpretation of the city code and ordinances. They do not render private legal advice as to how the provisions of the code affect the legal rights and responsibilities of individual citizens. The City Attorney's Offices are located in the respective municipal buildings in Fort Collins, Loveland, Berthoud and Estes Park.

District Attorney

The District Attorney's Office represents the People of the State of Colorado by serving as the prosecuting attorney in criminal cases. The District Attorney's Office is not allowed to handle civil matters except for limited representation of county public officers. The District Attorney's Office cannot render private legal advice as to how the provisions of the state statutes affect the legal rights and responsibilities of individual citizens.

District Court (felony) Division:
(970) 498-7154

County Court (traffic/misdemeanor) Division:
(970) 498-7238

Juvenile Division:
(970) 498-7220

Victim/Witness Division:
(970) 498-7285

Loveland County Court Division:
(970) 619-4410

Victim Compensation Fund

(970) 498-7285

This fund consists of money provided through fees levied against persons convicted of felonies, misdemeanors and certain traffic offenses. Persons victimized by crime in Larimer County can apply to the Victim Compensation Fund to have certain costs associated with the crime committed against them paid for. Compensable costs include medical, funeral, and counseling expenses as well as residential doors, locks and windows if they are damaged or destroyed during a crime. The Victim Compensation Fund is administered by a Board of Directors appointed by the District Attorney.

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