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Info: Make Sure Emergency Phone Notification Works For You

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2:13 PM
Jun 2 2008
  If you have blocking mechanisms on your telephone to prevent telephone solicitations or other unwanted calls, the Larimer County Emergency Phone Notification advisements or evacution alerts will not reach you. To dispense with this feature, do the following: Press *78 and follow the prompts or contact your phone service provider. For deactivation of privacy services on a different phone than the one you are calling on, dial 1-888-303-8052 and follow the prompts. To reactivate, press *78 again. If you have "selective call acceptance", you can deactivate by pressing *84 and reactivate by pressing *64. If you have problems, you can call the Qwest Customer Care Center at 800-244-1111. This information is current when posted but may, at some time in the future, change without our notice; if you have any difficulty, contact Qwest. Also, you might want to review our "Tips for Evacuees" available as a menu item on this webpage if you feel you might be within an advised or evacuated area at sometime. Another thought or two on Emergency Phone notification: if you feel that an emeregency may warrant such a call to your neighborhood, e.g., a wildfire is visible nearby, try to stay off the phone (unless you have call waiting to tell you another call is coming in). Also, please do not call 911 to ask for clarification. If our Dispatch Center is in the midst of an evacuation, there is absolutely no time to brief callers about details. Legitimate 911 calls are of course an exception to that request. If the message can be repeated by pressing a button on the phone, we will notify you in the course of the message.

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