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Information on Wildfires and your Health

Colorado's wildfires strike quickly and give little time for immediate preparation. It's often not until after the fire that the ramifications of loss and damage become clear.

During and after a wildfire, a person's health can be affected in numerous ways. Information is available that can help you and those you care about remain healthy both during the wildfire and throughout the recovery period.

Air Quality and Smoke Concerns

Health Protection During Fire Cleanup

Protection From Illness

Wildfires and Stress

Lost birth and death certificates

  • Replacement birth certificates for anyone born in Colorado are available at the Fort Collins office of the Larimer County Department of Health, 1525 Blue Spruce Drive.
  • Replacement death certificates of those who have died in Larimer County are also available at the health department. Forms for birth and death certificates and information are available on-line or call 498-6700.


The CSU Extension Office has numerous publications pertaining to protection from and recovery from wildfires including information on restoring vegetation, care of animals and livestock and insects and diseases related to wildfires among others. Publications are available either on-line ("dealing with disasters") or through the CSU Extension office at 1525 Blue Spruce, 498-6000.

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