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Wages and Salary Policy

The County's pay policy is structured to compensate employees based on the nature and level of work performed and how well the employee accomplishes the work. In establishing the salary ranges for the Pay Plan, consideration may be given to factors such as the prevailing pay rates for comparable public and, when practical, private organizations in the surrounding area, state and federal laws where applicable, and budgetary capacities. All salary increases are only granted if adequate funds are budgeted and available.

It is the goal of the Larimer County Board of County Commissioners to annually review and, when necessary, to adjust the Pay Plan to enable the County to adequately staff County departments and offices. Human Resources will review the Pay Plan each year for external equity and will prepare a proposal for the Board of County Commissioners approval.

The following process will be used in the development of proposed revisions to the Pay Plan. The County uses a market based job evaluation method, whereby the external market is used to establish and benchmark compensation levels. Job content is analyzed and documented through job descriptions. Jobs are assigned to Occupational Groups based on the nature of work performed. Market data is collected for jobs that are commonly found and defined. Compensation data is collected utilizing reliable published salary surveys. Data analysis methods will be reviewed annually in conjunction with proposal to the board. Jobs are assigned to pay grades based on the market to midpoint comparisons. Jobs without market data are assigned to pay grades based on internal equity.

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