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LEAP (Low Income Energy Assistance)

(Low Income Energy Assistance Program) can help with heating costs if:

  • You or any household member is a permanent legal resident of the USA and of Colorado.
  • You pay a heat bill or your heat is included in your rent.
  • You have a gross monthly income below the established program income limits

How to Apply

Submit your LEAP application November 1 through April 30. If your household meets the eligibility criteria when you apply, you will receive a LEAP benefit. To request an application, or for additional information, please call toll free (866) HEAT-HELP (1-866-432-8435).

How to get an application

Applications are readily available. You may use any of the four choices to obtain an application:

  1. Call toll free (866) 432-8435 or (970) 498-7730 and request an application be mailed to you.
  2. Download an application from the State of Colorado LEAP website

Filling out the application

  1. Send Photocopies of Verification.
    • Do not send original documents. They will not be returned to you.
    • A photocopier is available for you to make appropriate copies at Department of Human Services.
  2. Review the checklist provided with the application and submit copies of your verification.
  3. Sign your application.
    • If the application is not signed, it will be returned to you.

How to submit an application

Applications can be submitted from November 1 through April 30. You may use any of the four choices to submit an application:

  1. Submit an application at your local Department of Human Services
  2. E-mail application to LEAP at leaphelp@​
  3. Fax an application to (719) 633-9098
  4. Mail an application to:
    P.O. BOX 39200 Colorado Springs, CO 80949

Other Assistance for Heating Costs

Longs Peak Energy Conservation of Boulder County (LPEC) offers free home energy conservation retrofits (weatherization services) to residents of Larimer County.

Contact Information

P.O. BOX 39200
Colorado Springs, CO 80949
(719) 442-0007
Fax: (719) 633-9098

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