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Child Support

Many children and custodial parents face poverty because non-custodial parents neglect their responsibility to provide adequate financial support for their children. When children do not receive this financial support, everyone suffers, and children and custodial parents may be forced to seek TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) assistance.

Child Support Establishment

Establishment means getting a legal paternity finding or a child support order. All establishment actions take place in our office. The parents are asked to come to a hearing. At the hearing, either parent can ask for a genetic test.

Using the Colorado Child Support Guidelines, the child support worker explains how much child support would be appropriate. If either parent does not agree with the amount, they can request a court hearing. The child support worker will then obtain a court date to ask the magistrate or judge to determine a new child support amount.

If the guideline amount is agreeable, the department then files the legal documents with the court. A child support order is now in effect.

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Additional information is available at the State of Colorado Child Support website.

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