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Child Protection

To report child abuse or neglect: (970) 498-6990 or 1-844-264-5437
24 hours a day/7 days a week

The purpose of Child Protection Services is to provide 24-hour assistance in investigating allegations of child abuse and neglect. Caseworkers from one of eight paired teams respond to reports of possible child abuse or neglect. Referrals can be made by law enforcement, schools, medical professionals, or anyone who feels there is a situation that warrants investigation. Each referral is screened and may be investigated by a visit or phone interview, and a determination is made whether additional follow up is called for. Any referral may lead to temporarily placing the child(ren) in foster or kinship care for their own protection. There is an array of services and programs available for open cases, when there is a need to work with families on a continuing basis to assure a child's safety.

Children and youth served:

  • Children and youth who are the subject of abuse and neglect
  • Children in need of emergency out-of-home placement
  • Abandoned children
  • Children and youth in need of shelter because parent or guardian has been arrested
  • Children and youth in a life threatening situation, in need of emergency medical care and there is no parent or guardian to give consent

Child Protection Services – Guide for Parents

The Larimer County Child Welfare Process

This series of 11 videos highlights all aspects of the Larimer County Child Welfare Process.
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