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Dream Lake iced over - RMNP

County Offices, Courts and Landfill will be closed on Monday, July 4 for the Independence Day Holiday. Critical services at Larimer County are not disrupted by closures.


Permit Prices

Revenue generated from permit sales goes directly back into your parks and open spaces to pay for:

  • Operating expenses (for example, trash collection, restroom supplies, picnic tables)
  • Personnel expense (for example, the rangers and maintenance staff out in the parks and open spaces)
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Entrance permits are required at Blue Sky Trailhead, Carter Lake, Flatiron Reservoir, Hermit Park Open Space, Horsetooth Mountain Open Space (including Soderberg Open Space), Horsetooth Reservoir, Pinewood Reservoir, and Ramsay-Shockey Open Space.

Annual Permits are:

  • Permit expires in the following year, at the end of the month purchased
  • Transferable among vehicles registered to the same household (permit is peel-off, mylar material)
  • Combination vehicle and boat trailer permit (one permit per trailer, not per boat). Permit goes on the vehicle.
  • No additional permit is required for non-trailered watercraft, such as canoes, kayaks, belly boats, etc., which are carried on or in a vehicle.

Daily park entrance permits are available at the Natural Resources Department, at entrance stations and self-serve stations prior to entering the parks, and at nearby retail outlets.

Annual permits are available at the Natural Resources Department and entrance stations, at the Citizen Information Center, at nearby retail outlets, and online.

Campsites and cabins can be reserved by visiting the camping page.

Please call us at (970) 619-4570 with questions.

Daily Entrance Permits

(Valid date of purchase through noon of the next day)

Reservoirs only (Horsetooth, Carter, Flatiron, Pinewood):$7/vehicle or $7/boat trailer only, or $14/vehicle and boat trailer
All other areas and east side of Horsetooth:$6/vehicle

Annual Entrance Permits

Valid for a physical year, month of purchase through month of purchase the following year. Transferable among vehicles registered to the same household.

Vehicle – Larimer County Resident$75.00  
Vehicle – Nonresident$95.00  
Vehicle – Senior (Senior (65+ or turning 65 in month of purchase)$45.00  
Vehicle – Disabled$10.00  
Combination Vehicle and Boat (trailered) – Larimer County Resident$150.00 Owners of slipped and moored boats at Carter Lake or Horsetooth Reservoir need to purchase a combination permit.
Combination Vehicle and Boat (trailered) – Nonresident$190.00
Combination Vehicle and Boat (trailered) – Senior (65+ or turning 65 in month of purchase)$120.00
Combination Vehicle and Boat (trailered) – Disabled$85.00

Camping Prices

Camping fees are required in addition to entrance permits. Prices are per night, per site. Walk-in camping registration fee: additional $2.50 per site.


Non-electric campsite (January – December)$15 per night
Electric campsite (April – September)$25 per night
Electric campsite (October – March)$15 per night
Full hookups campsite – Horsetooth Reservoir (April – September)$30 per night
Full hookups campsite – Horsetooth Reservoir (October – March)$20 per night
2nd camping unit (January – December)$10 per night
Boat-in camping – Horsetooth Reservoir (May to September)$20 per night
Camper cabins$60 per night for up to 5 people in the cabin and 3 people in one tent (April – September), $30 per night for up to 5 people and 3 people in one tent (October – March)
Airstream trailer (Horsetooth Reservoir, South Bay Campground, S73 Airstream, May 15 – September 30)$99/night for up to 4 people (no off-season rates)
Tipis (Flatiron reservoir FT1, FT2, FT3, May 1 – October 15)$35/night

Hermit Park Open Space

Non-electric campsite (January – December)$24 per night
Equestrian campsite (May – September)$30 per night
2nd camping unit (January – December)$10 per night
Camper cabins (May – October)$80 per night
Camper cabins (November, December, March, April)$60 per night

Hermit Park Open Space Campgrounds are subject to a 2% local marketing district tax.

Background Image: Dream Lake frozen over in Rocky Mountain National Park by Bryce Bradford. All rights reserved.