Elk in Rocky Mountain National Park

Hunting at Red Mountain Open Space (GMU 9)

Special Note: Larimer County is not offering special access hunting permits for pronghorn.

Hunting at the open space is managed by the Larimer County Department of Natural Resources.

Big game hunting opportunities will occur during the weekdays of the second, third, fourth and late cow season.

You must have a Larimer County Special Access Hunting Permit to hunt at the Red Mountain Open Space. Permits can be obtained through the Larimer County Special Access Hunting Permit Application process in February.

The Hunting Access Permit Application will be available on-line; applications must be completed by the end of February to qualify for the drawing. A $10.00 non-refundable application fee will be charged to cover administrative costs. Successful hunters will be notified by phone and email immediately after the drawing has occurred. Unsuccessful applicants will only be notified by email. The drawing will be conducted by a Notary Public using a random number generator program (please see link below) for two bull elk Special Access Hunting Permits, three cow elk Special Access Hunting Permits and four buck deer Special Access Hunting Permits for Red Mountain Open Space. Hunters may submit only one application for each of the three drawings. These Special Access Hunting Permits will only be valid for hunting on Red Mountain Open Space.

The drawing will occur the first week of March.

How the Drawing Works

Successful applicants will then have to apply for their license in the Colorado Big Game draw process. Please refer to hunt codes: Elk-EM00902R, EM00903R, EM00904R, EF009L1R and Deer-DM00902R, DM00903R, DM00904R. Historically GMU 9 has been an undersubscribed unit, particularly for elk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hunting regulations

Special Access Hunting Permits are not transferable. Hunting will occur during portions of the second, third and fourth rifle seasons. The cow elk hunt will occur on weekdays during the late season. You must pick which season you wish to hunt when applying for your license during the CDOW draw process. Hunters must attend a mandatory orientation meeting with the Larimer County Department Natural Resources' staff prior to the hunt. The mandatory orientation meeting will be in September. Hunters must have a valid CDOW license for the unit and season. These licenses are available only through the CDOW draw process. There will be no hunting allowed at Red Mountain Open Space on weekends. There is no camping allowed on site. Any hunters using horses must stay on trail. There is no vehicle access to the open space beyond the trailhead for hunting or animal retrieval.

Background Image: Rocky Mountain National Park by Sue Burke. All rights reserved.