Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson

Larimer County 101 - 2011

Class Graduation

photo of 2011 class


Kurt Albers - Loveland
Curtis Bridges - N County
Carla Brookman - LaPorte
Brian Brooks - SW County
Marilu DeLeon - Ft Coll/S of Trilby
Glen Doughty - Timnath
Michael Fassi - Windsor
Barry Feldman - N County
John Garcia - Loveland/Johnstown
Jim Goodyear - N County
LuAnn Goodyear - N County
Andrew Hall - W Central Ft Collins
Aaron Harris - W Central Ft Collins
Catherine Kainer - near Horsetooth Mtn Park
Ron Kainer - near Horsetooth Mtn Park

Ronda Koski - N County
Ellen Lawson - Loveland
Cathy Lund - SW Ft Collins
Laurie Marks - SE Ft Collins
Mary Jo Shafer - N Central Ft Collins
Steve Simonson - S Ft Collins
Jason Smith - Old Town Ft Collins
Karen Stockley - Berthoud
Jennifer Tucker - E Central Ft Col
Stan Ulrich - W Central Ft Collins
Tom VanVelson - Rist Canyon
Rommelle Vera-Tudela - LaPorte
Bobby Whitt - Loveland
Collis Woodward - N Ft Collins Cntry Club area
Robert Yocum - N County

Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.