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News Release

Larimer's Sue Batey Receives Excellence in Practice Award!

Department: Board of County Commissioners
Release Date: May 25, 2012

Contact Information:

CONTACT: Angela Mead, LC Child & Family Services Deputy Manager, (970) 498-6562
FROM:Deni La Rue, Community Information Manager, (970) 498-7150

Sue Batey

The Colorado Department of Human Services has given Larimer County’s Suzette (Sue) Batey a statewide ‘Excellence in Practice Award’. Batey received the award this week at the annual Child Welfare Conference in Keystone, Colorado.

Batey was nominated by Larimer County Department of Human Services Social Caseworker Manager Deb DeLuca-Forzley, with the assistance of Batey’s supervisor, Becky Smith. DeLuca-Forzley wrote, “Sue is a role model for child welfare staff and community as she demonstrates respect, empathy and a genuine concern for the children, youth and families. She upholds the values and beliefs that children should remain with family when safely possible and works with the entire family, extended relatives, friends, and community in creating safe and supportive plans.”

DeLuca-Forzley points out that Batey is a previous winner as well, “Sue won the 2010 County Caseworker of the Year Award, has received countless awards for having perfect administrative reviews, and has contributed to the agency and community by participating on countless committees, workgroups and best practice groups.”

Other KUDOs DeLuca-Forzley included in Batey’s nomination material are:

  • Sue includes the children/youth in the planning and finds ways to make sure their voice is heard.
  • Sue has a great demeanor, balancing her personal and professional life, which has helped her remain in the field and doing such an amazing job for kids and families.
  • Sue's dedication to individuals is shown as she goes above and beyond her job description.
  • Sue’s day to day practice demonstrates her commitment and dedication to Child Welfare. She is a natural leader and trains new staff by providing examples of best practice.
  • Sue has been an integral part of strategic planning within her unit and the agency as we continue working to improve our outcomes.
  • Sue’s peers describe her as a huge help and resource to new caseworkers. She is always willing to answer questions and provide advice and encouragement. Sue works hard to get children to permanency through an efficient and skillful way to overcome barriers.
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