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News Release

Smoke Expected Near Hermit Park - Do Not Call 911

Department: Natural Resources
Release Date: Apr 15, 2013

Contact Information:

Jeffrey Boring, Resource Specialist, (970) 679-4569

Another spring storm is bringing needed moisture to the Front Range and an opportunity to burn more slash near Estes Park. Larimer County staff will burn slash piles at Hermit Park Open Space, southeast of Estes Park, throughout the week. Pile burning began Monday morning and will continue as long as conditions allow.

Burning piles is part of an on-going wildfire mitigation/forest health project on Larimer County parks and open space properties, involving mechanical thinning, hand piling tree limbs and pile burning. Over 200 piles at Hermit Park Open Space were targeted for burning this winter. Snowfall in the Estes Park area throughout the winter was scarce and zero piles were burned in December and January. In the past week however, over 70 piles have been burned. “These spring snow events are great” said Jeffrey Boring, Resource Specialist with Larimer County’s Natural Resource Department. “We have more seasonal staff to assist with pile burning now and we are making a lot of progress burning piles”. Boring hopes the snow will continue and dozens of piles can be burned over the next few days.  
Burning slash piles is part of an on-going forest management effort to:
1.      Reduce fuel loading to decrease the likelihood of catastrophic fires
2.      Remove trees damaged by insects and disease
3.      Restore forested areas to a healthier condition, improving wildlife habitat
To meet safety and regulatory requirements piles are burned after snow storms, when at least three inches of snow is on the ground. Please do not call 911 or local law enforcement, as they are already aware of these burns. 
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