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News Release

2016 traffic safety report released

Department: Board of County Commissioners
Release Date: May 4, 2017

Contact Information:

Suzette Mallette, Transportation Program Manager [970] 498-5731,

 Roundabouts contribute to drop in fatalities and injuries

The Larimer County Engineering Department presented the 2016 Traffic Safety Report to the Board of Larimer County Commissioners Tuesday at their weekly Administrative Matters meeting. The report covers the past five year trends and data from 2016.
Highlights include driving under the influence [DUI] crashes were down 7 percent in 2016, while distracted driving crashes increased 4 percent. The five Larimer County roundabouts in use have resulted in a reduction in in the number of overall crashes, and a drop in fatalities and injuries at these locations to zero.
Unincorporated Larimer County has more than 900 miles of roadways --- 80 in urban areas and 820 in rural portions of the county.
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