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News Release

Conservation Corps Crews Working on New Trail at Hermit Park

Department: Natural Resources
Release Date: Jul 19, 2017

Contact Information:

Joel Schwab, Trails and Open Lands Project Supervisor, (970) 498-5609

The LCCC sawyer crew opens up the corridor for the new Limber Pine Trail. Photo by Joel Schwab.
LOVELAND, Colo. – Members of the Larimer County Conservation Corps are assisting with work on a new trail system coming to Hermit Park Open Space.

Two LCCC land crews and one LCCC sawyer crew are spending two weeks each working on the Limber Pine Trail, part of a roughly 6-mile, multi-use trail system coming to the open space 2 miles southeast of Estes Park. This is the second year that the crews are assisting with trail work at Hermit Park.

"This is a great experience for local youth to be engaged in a large-scale trail construction project," said Joel Schwab, trails and open lands project supervisor for Larimer County Department of Natural Resources. "They are a part of creating a trail that will be open for multiple uses, providing people with an opportunity to get outside and explore the amazing natural wonders of Hermit Park."

The sawyer crew is felling, bucking and cutting limbs from trees in the trail corridor, opening up the area for the trail to be constructed. Schwab said the Limber Pine Trail traverses through thick mixed conifer forest, so having the sawyer crew dedicated to clearing the corridor of trees will save his trail crew over a month of work.

The land crews are helping to build portions of the trail by hand in the rugged terrain of Hermit Park. "It's a slow and difficult process," Schwab said. "The land crews will give a big boost to our own trail crew."

Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) awarded $40,200 in funds to provide LCCC's work at Hermit Park in 2017. 

Funds for this project at Hermit Park were awarded by GOCO, which receives a portion of Colorado Lottery proceeds, to the Colorado Youth Corps Association for use by accredited youth corps, such as the LCCC. The goal of the program is to employ youth and young adults (ages 14-25) throughout the state on critical outdoor recreation and land conservation projects in partnership with local governments and open space agencies.

The Colorado Youth Corps Association stated that 200 Colorado young people ages 14-25 will get jobs this summer through the program, and 28 of those young people are working hard at Hermit Park. Larimer County Department of Natural Resources is grateful for their work and the program, Schwab said.

To learn more about the trail-building project, contact Schwab at (970) 498-5609 or
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