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News Release

Poudre Valley Hospital Foundation grant helps acheive healthy and full-term births

Department: Health & Environment
Release Date: Dec 20, 2010

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Jane Viste, MPH

Over 100 expectant mothers received one-on-one health education and healthy pregnancy guidance in 2010 through Larimer County’s Prenatal Plus program. This year the program upgraded its presentations thanks to a generous gift from the Poudre Valley Hospital Foundation which funded a portion of the nurses’ teaching materials with a grant for $2,075.

            The grant was used to fund new prenatal curriculum materials that are given to clients at appropriate gestational times throughout their pregnancies. The materials were designed and tested by Florida State University. Local clients reported that the materials made a positive difference in their prenatal education and behaviors.

            “The PVH Foundation’s generosity helped us provide a valuable teaching aide for our maternity nurses to use in their one-on-one sessions with moms and dads,” said Linda Diede, RN, supervisor of Larimer County’s Maternal Services Programs. At the end of the pregnancy the curriculum is reassembled in a sturdy binder and kept by the client for future reference in the postpartum period and also can be reviewed for future pregnancies. 

            “We hope that by having the materials close-by, parents can reinforce the healthy decisions and behaviors they made in the pregnancy after their babies are born,” Diede said.
            The Health Department’s Prenatal Plus Program is designed to improve prenatal outcomes by decreasing the number of low-birthweight babies through the reduction of alcohol consumption, drug use, unresolved psychosocial issues, and inadequate weight gain. The Florida State University Curriculum is designed toward low health literacy matching the learning needs of many of the expectant parents in the program.
            “We have a long history of collaborating with other agencies in Larimer County that helps us to achieve our goals,” said Diede. “This is another example of how collaboration can help us help our clients carry their babies to a healthy full term.
            ”We always achieve more with the help of our partners – and for this we are truly grateful.” 
For more information on the Health Department’s programs for expectant parents, go to:
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