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Larimer Broadband Project

Larimer Broadband Project

THANK YOU LARIMER COUNTY VOTERS for your support in passing Ballot Issue 1B, restoring the County's right to explore and foster available options for broadband services in all communities! This incredible opportunity opens countless avenues to positively affect progress in our economy, health, safety, education, and well-being; all part of Larimer County's strategic plan and vision for its citizens.


Broadband services are no longer a luxury. Broadband is a critical part of every community's infrastructure that impacts the economy, safety, well-being, education and overall connectedness of area residents, businesses and institutions.

On November 8, 2016, voters passed an exemption to Senate Bill 05-152 (SB 152), which prohibited the County from engaging in the provision of telecommunication services like broadband internet access. Larimer County now joins its own cities of Estes Park, Loveland and Wellington in benefitting from this exemption, which opens up possibilities for partnering and collaboration.

Larimer County staff visited many areas outside of our cities and towns and heard overwhelming concerns about poor connectivity from community members, with no substantial nor foreseeable plan from existing providers for improvements. It became apparent that change is imperative to meet the connection needs of students, businesses, employees, health care providers and patients, emergency responders, vulnerable populations, and all residents. It is Larimer County's goal to explore and foster available options for broadband services in all communities; because Everywhere is Somewhere.


Each quarter, the Larimer Broadband Project publishes an online newsletter, News From Somewhere.

News From Somewhere Archive:


Our mountain schools are one reason broadband is a priority in Larimer County.

Everywhere is Somewhere

Technology will not go back, so it is time to move forward in navigating broadband for Larimer County.


What is the difference between broadband and high speed internet?
It is all about speed. High speed internet is constantly connected at "speeds below the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) definition of broadband, comparable to driving between 1 and 25 MPH. The FCC defines broadband as an internet connection that will download data at a minimum of 25 Mbps and upload speed of 3 Mbps, similar to traveling between 25 and 1,000 MPH.

Will Larimer County provide me with faster internet?
No, the County is not planning on becoming an internet provider. The exemption that voters approved to SB 152 will allow the County to explore and foster the best long-term internet options for communities.

How can I help get faster internet in my area?
Passing the exemption to SB 152 to enable Larimer County to be involved in broadband exploration and partnerships is a strong start. As the Larimer County Broadband Steering Committee engages in further efforts following the election and feasibility study recommendations are made, direction for this project and need for involvement will be more clearly defined. In the meantime, forward communication and thoughts for your community, business, organization and/or other organization to the Larimer Broadband program contact listed below. Also, keep apprised of new broadband developments for Larimer County in the news and on this web page.

What if technology changes?
Technology changes are inevitable. Exploring options is particularly important before technology changes, for Larimer County to be able to support communities in being proactive, rather than reactive to important developments in a responsible, practical, cost-efficient way, instead of relying on profit-driven decisions to abruptly adopt or neglect changes.

Why is high speed internet a necessary utility?
Much the same as electricity and telephone service were in the past, high speed internet has become an essential service for being successful in today's world. Economic vitality, health care, public safety, education and many more services are dependent on the ability to access high speed, reliable internet.


Drew Davis
Larimer Broadband Program Manager



Feasibility Study
Funding & Grantseeking
Planning & Partnerships
Policy Decision


One of the most essential components in broadband planning is forming strong collaborative partnerships with neighboring communities and the organizations that serve them. Larimer County values the partnerships that it has with the entities listed below, and welcomes the opportunity to form others:

  • City of Fort Collins
  • City of Loveland
  • Town of Estes Park
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