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Planning Department Maps

sample county zoning map

County Zoning Map

The Zoning Maps display zoning districts, growth management areas, road function classification and 100 year floodplains. Both maps have parcel configuration also.

See section 4 of the Larimer County Land Use Code for more information regarding standards and uses for specific zoning districts.

Development Activity Map

The Development Activity Map shows applications for Subdivisions, Special Reviews, Rezoning and Public Location and Extent activities in unincorporated Larimer County. The information in the spreadsheet corresponds to the number located on the map for each specific project. The information pertained is the project name, project type, general location, number of lots proposed, acreage, case number, parcel numbers associated with the project and the last name of the staff planner assigned to the project.

NOTE: The map below is a sample. It does not reflect current zoning.

Sample Maps: 800x1100, (265Kb)     2500x3500, (2Mb)

Visit the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Department page to learn how to purchase these maps.
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