Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson

Fossil Creek Reservoir TDU Program

White pelican in spring at Fossil Creek Reservoir

What is a TDU program?

The Fossil Creek Reservoir Transferable Density Units (TDU) Program is an outgrowth of Larimer County's Master Planning process, initiated in 1994. One of the major themes of the new Master Plan is to provide buffers or "community separation" between growing communities. This was to be accomplished by voluntary means such as acquisition of land or interests in land, or by transferring development rights. Creating a "model" transfer of development rights program in the vicinity of Fossil Creek Reservoir was one of five "essential elements" of the Master Plan process.

The Fossil Creek Reservoir TDU Program was approved by the County Commissioners in October 1998, and a TDU Administrator was hired soon after to administer the program full-time. This pilot program is laying the groundwork for new TDU program areas in the county with the ultimate goal being a county-wide transfer of development rights program involving a number of receiving areas and sending areas across the county.

For more information about the Fossil Creek Reservoir TDU Program, view the links below or contact Russell Legg, Rural Land Director.

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