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Services Larimer County Does NOT Provide

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While Larimer County provides many services to its citizens, there are some that we are not involved with. They might be provided by the Federal Government, the State of Colorado, or one of the municipalities within the county.

The following list identifies some of those that many people think we do, but actually do not.

Drivers Licenses The State of Colorado is responsible for issuing drivers licenses.
Libraries The county does not operate any libraries. Visit the web sites of the various municipalities within the county that provide libraries.
Airports The county does not operate any airports. Two airports are located in Larimer County, one is privately operated and the other is operated jointly by the cities of Fort Collins and Loveland.
Pest Control The county does have a Pest District, but they identify weeds as "pests".
Mosquito Control The county does monitor insect-borne diseases, but does not spray for mosquitoes.
Probation Probation services are done by the State of Colorado.
Courts/Jury The county does not operate the courts or the juries. This is a function of the State of Colorado. The county is only responsible for providing courtroom facilities.
Social Security /
Medicare Benefits
The County does not determine eligibility for Social Security benefits, SSI (Supplemental Security Income) or Medicare. This is a function of the U.S. Social Security Administration. You may also contact the Fort Collins Social Security office at (970) 482-7354.

If you are already on Medicare, information is available at the U.S. government Medicare site.
Child Care Licensing The Colorado Department of Human Services is responsible for issuing child care licenses. You may also reach them at (303) 866-5958 or (800) 799-5876.
Unemployment Benefits The State of Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE) administers unemployment insurance benefits.
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