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Rules of the Streets

Standardization Of Road Naming Criteria

  1. Use only accepted suffixes.
  2. Homonyms for road names are not acceptable.
  3. Road names should be unique and not repeated in the County from this point forward, with the exception of continuation of existing streets. A different suffix (e.g. DR, ST) does NOT make a name unique.
  4. Each Municipality and the County may develop a list of acceptable or recommended names for use in its jurisdiction. If there are duplications on such lists, and another Municipality or the County utilized the name, the name will be removed from the acceptable or recommended lists in the other jurisdictions.
  5. Within the Growth Management Area around each Municipality, roads will be named using city/town names, not County road numbers. Outside of the GMA Boundary, County road numbers will be used. Street names, rather than County road numbers, will be used for internal roads in County subdivisions and 35 acre developments.
  6. In the unincorporated area any road that serves as an access to multiple properties must be named. Multiple properties accessing of a single point from a County road may not use the single access point as a common address.
  7. Continuous roads should have continuous names (with the exception of circle roads). Names should not change except at the Growth Management Area boundary, however, names are not required to change at the Growth Management Area boundary.
  8. Recommend that road names must be simple to pronounce, in the opinion of the review jurisdiction.
  9. Cardinal directions cannot be used in the name. Directions are used only to designate the portion of an existing road. (not acceptable - North Road, East Fort Road, Northstar Drive.)
  10. No curse words or derogatory terms shall be used for road names.
  11. These are meant to be minimum standards for each Municipality and the County. The main objective is to provide clear street names for citizens and for emergency dispatch and to minimize the possibility of emergency personnel being unable to find a location. Nothing in this Agreement is intended to limit any Municipality or the County from developing more extensive street naming guidelines.
  12. Numerical addressing will not change from the current process.
  13. All names shall be of the commonly acceptable spelling, according to a standard dictionary.
  14. Street names cannot contain any punctuation or special characters. Only alphabetical symbols A through Z, and numbers 0 through 9 and blank spaces may be used in street names.
  15. Anytime that a street makes a directional change of approximately ninety degrees, the street name shall change. A directional change of approximately ninety degrees shall mean a horizontal curve where a reduction in the design speed is required (i.e. a sharp turn vs. a sweeping curve).
  16. Existing street names shall continue across intersections and roundabouts.
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