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Approved Street Suffixes

The following table of suffixes are the only ones that can be used for new street names.

Suffix Abbreviation Description
Avenue AVE A roadway or thoroughfare that is continuous and not limited to a single subdivision.
Boulevard BLVD Street with a landscaped median dividing the roadway.
Circle CIR Discouraged but allowed, at the discretion of the local jurisdiction.
Court CT Permanently dead-end street or terminating in a cul-de-sac, not longer than 660 feet in length.
Drive DR A curvilinear street.
Lane LN Minor street within a subdivision.
Parkway PKWY A thoroughfare designated as a collector or arterial, with a median reflecting the parkway character implied in the name.
Place PL Permanently dead-end street, terminating in a cul-de-sac, or short through street, not longer than 660 feet in length.
Road RD A designated thoroughfare.
Street ST The common or default suffix.
Way WAY A curvilinear street.
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