Mariana Butte Golf Course

Tools for Using this Website

This page highlights some of the features and tools available for accessing content on this website.

Text Conversion

The Plain Text link at the top of each page will redisplay the current page without any graphic images or multimedia. Once the converted page has been displayed, you can access the links on it and continue accessing the site in this text only format. However, these text only pages will not work with any online forms that need to be filled out, including the Search function. To access these, use the Graphic version of this page link at the bottom to display the normal page and access these forms.

Language Translation

The Español link at the top of each page calls Google language tools, a free translation service, to convert the page to Spanish. As with any computer translation, conversion is not context-sensitive and may not convert text into its intended meaning. Larimer County does not guarantee the accuracy of the converted text. If the information you are seeking is not clear please return to the main page for the county department information you are seeking and contact them for the correct information.

Adjusting Text Size

The Text+ and Text- links at the top of each page will increase or decrease the size of the text displayed on the screen. This method uses Javascript and Cascading Style Sheets to change the size by a small increment. If you prefer, you can also use your browser to adjust the text size by the following method, depending upon the browser you are using:

If You Are Using Internet Explorer - from the browser menu select View > Text Size. The default font size is "medium", but you can select one of five font sizes from "smallest" to "largest."

If You Are Using Firefox - from the browser menu select View > Text Size. You can then increase or decrease the size of the font as needed.

If You Are Using Safari - from the system menu select View > Make Text Bigger or Make Text Smaller.

Document Types

Some pages on this site link to documents that can be downloaded or viewed with a plug-in. Typically, these may include Adobe Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Word and Excel, Quicktime, RealPlayer and Zip.

Word & Excel

If you do not have the Microsoft programs on your computer you may download a free special "viewer" from Microsoft that will allow you to view these documents.

Acrobat PDF

The free Adobe Reader software will allow you to read documents saved as Adobe PDFs. If you don't already have Adobe Reader on your computer, you can download the latest free version from the Adobe website. If you prefer to have .pdf files converted to text files, this can be done using Adobe's online conversion tools.


Quicktime movies can be viewed by downloading the free player from Apple. There are versions for both Windows and Mac computers.


Realplayer audio/video can be viewed by downloading the free player from Real.

Zip Archives

The ZIP file format is a lossless data compression and archival format. A ZIP file contains one or more files that have been compressed, to reduce their file size. Windows XP, Vista and Mac OS X can directly extract files from a Zip archive. Older operating systems may need a utility to extract the content.

Document Indicators

The following graphic logos are displayed on this site to indicate the document's file type and the software you will need to have on your computer, or the "viewer" you will need to download. These icons will only be displayed if you are using a "modern" browser such as Internet Explorer 7, FireFox 2, Safari, or Opera 9.

portable document format (.pdf) - Adobe Reader

Micrsoft Word (.doc) - Microsoft Word

Microsoft Excel (.xls) - Microsoft Excel

Zip (.zip) - Zip archive

Quicktime (.mov) - Quicktime movie

RealPlayer (.ram) - RealPlayer audio/video

MP3 (.mp3) - MP3 audio

Link Indicators

Some links have an icon after them indicating special information about the link:

remote site - link to an external site outside of the Larimer County website

popup - link will open a new browser window

Background Image: Mariana Butte Golf Course by Steve Moore. All rights reserved.