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Paying Property Taxes With An Electronic Check

Electronic check payments for current year property taxes will be accepted for the Larimer County Treasurer through an arrangement with Point & Pay. This does not mean that electronic check payments can be accepted over the counter at the Larimer County Treasurer's Office. Electronic check payments for property taxes can be accepted using the Pay by Electronic Check button below, or by calling 866-268-4761.

By clicking on the button below, the taxpayer hereby authorizes Larimer County to initiate debit entries to his/her checking or savings account at his/her bank, identified by the bank routing number entered on the form, and to debit the same to such account. The taxpayer also acknowledges that the origination of ACH transactions to his/her account must comply with the provisions of U.S. law.

This authority is to remain in full force and effect until Larimer County has received written notification from taxpayer of its termination in such time and in such manner as to afford Larimer County and depository a reasonable opportunity to act on it.

There is a $0.50 fee charged by Point & Pay for using this service.

Information on this option can be obtained by calling Gary Stoker with the Larimer County Treasurer's Office at (970) 498-7033. Also, see the frequently asked questions section below.

Common Questions About Electronic Check Payments

Q. What types of payments can be made?

A. Only current year tax payments will be accepted.

Q. What time of the year can I make a payment with an electronic check?

A. Payments will be accepted from January 1st through August 31st each year. To confirm the correct amount due, please call the Larimer County Treasurer's office at 970-498-7020.

Q. What information will I need to have available to make a electronic check payment?

A. Name, mailing address, your bank routing number, your bank account number (checking accounts only) and the Schedule number of the property the payment will be applied to.

Q. Is there a fee? If so, how much?

A. Yes there is a $0.50 fee.

Q. Why do I have to pay a fee?

A. Point & Pay charges a "convenience fee" for processing the transaction and covering the operating costs associated with servicing the transactions. The fee is not charged by Larimer County, nor does Larimer County receive any part of it. By state statutes, the County government is not allowed to charge or receive any part of a fee for electronic check payment transactions.

Q. Will I receive confirmation of my electronic check payment?

A. Yes. After hitting the submit payment button, a page will be displayed showing the status of your payment. If rejected, there will be a message on the screen displaying the reason for rejection. If accepted, the message will include a confirmation number. This page can be printed on your local printer.

Q. How can I be sure that my payment was processed correctly?

A. One week after you have made the electronic check payment, you may call the Larimer County Treasurer's office at 970-498-7020 or go to the Property Taxes Database on the Larimer County Treasurer's home page and confirm that your property tax payment has been posted to your tax account.

Q. Who do I call if my payment does not appear on my bank statement and/or the Treasurer's Office does not receive the payment?

A. Call Gary Stoker with the Larimer County Treasurer's Office at (970) 498-7033.

Q. How do I confirm the correct amount due prior to making a electronic check payment?

A. To confirm the correct amount due, please call the Larimer County Treasurer's office at 970-498-7020.

For further information about paying property taxes with your electronic check,
please contact Gary Stoker at (970) 498-7033
or by email at

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