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Tax Lien Sale

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All property taxes must be collected in order to meet the budgetary requirements of all certified taxing authorities. The annual tax lien sale is held to collect these unpaid taxes. Liens are placed against the properties and are purchased by investors who, in turn, earn interest against the tax amounts.

The 2017 tax lien sale will be held on
Thursday, November 16, 2017, at The Ranch.

The doors will open at 7:30 a.m. and the sale will begin at 8:30 a.m. with premium bidding.
The designated location and times are subject to change.


The Ranch (Fairgrounds and Event Center)
Thomas McKee 4-H Community Building
5280 Arena Circle, Loveland, CO

To reach The Ranch, exit I-25 at Crossroads Boulevard, Exit 259. Travel east one mile to Fairgrounds Avenue (County Road 5), go north to the entrance and proceed to the first building on the right.

Please park in the gravel lot southeast of the Thomas McKee 4-H Community Building. Marked handicapped parking spaces are available directly in front of the building.

For a detailed map of The Ranch and Thomas McKee 4-H Community Building, click here.

Mailing List

If you would like to receive an informational packet for the tax lien sale, please send $5.00 cash or check to:

Larimer County Treasurer's Office
ATTN: Tax Lien Sale Civil Deputy
PO Box 1250
Fort Collins, CO 80522

This packet includes our tax lien sale brochure and a copy of the delinquent property advertising tabloid published in the newspaper during the month of October. Packets will be mailed mid-October.

Frequently Asked Questions (Click a question to show / hide answer)

  1. Will food and/or drinks be provided at the tax lien sale?
    A concession stand will be open offering drinks, breakfast foods and lunch items for sale. Tables and chairs will be available for eating purposes only.
  2. What is required to participate in the tax lien sale and how do I register?
    We are required by the Internal Revenue Service to issue 1099-INT forms to investors. You must complete a W-9 at the time of registration, or already have one on file from previous years, in order to participate in our tax lien sale. Registration is completed on the day of the event and will begin at 7:30 a.m. Tables will not be available so please plan accordingly. You may print, complete and bring the following forms with you on the day of the sale:

    After check-in, you will be assigned a bidder number and directed to have a seat in the assigned room.

    New investors or previous investors with changes to their contact information or W-9 can mail their updated forms to our office. All changes must be received by November 14, 2017, at the following address:

    Mail forms to:
    Larimer County Treasurer
    Attn: Tax Lien Sale Civil Deputy
    P.O. Box 1250
    Fort Collins, CO 80522

    Hand-deliver forms to:
    Larimer County Treasurer
    200 West Oak Street, Suite 2100
    Fort Collins, CO 80521

  3. Who can participate in the tax lien sale?
    C.R.S. 39-11-151(1)(b); No tax lien shall be sold to an elected or appointed county official, to a county employee, or to a member of the immediate family of such person or to the agent of any such county official or employee during the time the official or employee holds office or is employed. You must be of legal age (18) to participate in our tax lien sale.
  4. Can I send an agent to participate in the tax lien sale in my place?
    No, agents for individual investors are not allowed.
  5. Is seating assigned for the tax lien sale?
    No, after registration is complete, you may sit anywhere you like in the room. Bidding begins with a random bidder number and then proceeds around the room in seating order.
  6. What is the interest rate earned on investment?
    The interest rate is established pursuant to 39-12-103 C.R.S. and changes annually. The rate is calculated by adding nine percentage points to the federal discount rate as of September 1, and rounding to the nearest full percent.

    The interest rate for the 2017 tax lien sale is TBD.

  7. How can I obtain a copy of the buyer's list?
    The current buyer's lists can be picked up at the registration table on the day of the tax lien sale.
  8. How is bidding conducted at the tax lien sale?
    At registration, each individual is assigned a bidder number. Only one bidder number is assigned per person. The first bidder will be chosen by randomly selecting a bidder number, then proceeding in seating order.

    It doesn't matter where you sit in the room; everyone is going to have the same chance at the property taxes being offered for sale. Since the sale will proceed in seat order, it is very important that you maintain your original seat.

    Changing seats during the sale may result in loss of purchased tax liens and banning from future tax lien sales.

    If an item is less than $200, the bidder may pass without losing a turn. The less-than $200 item is then opened to the floor.

    For items over $200, the bidder must either accept or lose his/her turn. If the bidder declines, the item is then offered to the next person in seating order.

    Items over $3000 are considered premium bids and will be sold at the beginning of the sale.

  9. What are premium bids?
    Premium bids are bids placed in excess of the property tax and are only accepted on parcels with a delinquent amount of $3,000 or more. The minimum premium bid is $50 with minimum raises in $25 increments.

    Investors must stand to be recognized during the premium bidding process. All premium bids are made at investor's expense and no interest is earned on the premium bid amount, nor is it refunded when the property is redeemed.

  10. How do I pay for the tax lien(s) I purchase at the tax lien sale?
    Purchases must be paid in full before leaving the premises. Failure to do so will result in loss of liens purchased.

    *Only personal checks for the purchase amount will be accepted. We are not accepting cash or certified funds at tax lien sale.**

    At any time you may verify the amount of your purchases with the staff stationed at the registration table.

    Your bidder card must be dropped off at check-out.

    Make checks payable to: Larimer County Treasurer. Checks must be made for the exact amount of purchases. If your check is returned for NSF, it will result in the loss of liens purchased and you will be banned from future tax lien sales.

  11. How do I obtain proof of tax liens purchased at the sale?
    All certificates of sale will be held in safekeeping in the Larimer County Treasurer's vault unless otherwise instructed by a formal written request. A safekeeping receipt and complete computer report of all tax lien sale purchases will be forwarded to you. This usually takes about 7-10 business days.
  12. What do I do if I want to purchase an existing tax lien from another investor?
    We will start processing assignment of liens in January 2017. This will allow our office enough time to complete all of the necessary paperwork before making any assignments. Please contact Michele at (970) 498-7032, after January 3, 2017, to set up an appointment to request an assignment. There is a $17.00 fee to process each assignment.
  13. Is investing in a tax lien sale a secure/safe/guaranteed investment?
    It is important to remember the element of risk involved in the purchase of tax liens. If the property associated with tax lien purchased is placed under the control of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), loss of investment may occur.

    It is impossible for this office to identify all of the potential problems that could arise for your particular tax lien purchase. Please conduct your own public records investigation to familiarize yourself with the property and reduce the possibility of loss.

  14. What happens after the tax lien sale?
    Pursuant to 39-11-148 C.R.S., tax sale certificates are automatically cancelled after fifteen years. It is your responsibility to track your investment.
    • For more information on endorsing subsequent taxes onto your existing certificate, please read our Endorsement information page.
    • For more information on how to apply for a Treasurer's Deed, please read our Treasurer's Deed information page.
    • For additional questions, please contact our office at (970) 498-7032 or via email.
  15. How can I find out the date of a tax lien sale in another county?
    Information for the tax lien sales statewide can be found at
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