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Larimer County Vehicle Licensing

The Department of Revenue has identified vehicles as having been issued a license plate that is identical to a license plate on a different type or style of vehicle. Pursuant to Colorado Revised Statute 42-3-113.5 (2000), when two vehicles have the same plate configuration, only one vehicle may retain that plate. This statute also provides the formula for determining which vehicle may retain the license plate. This method identifies any duplicate plate situation and is resolved by comparing the last four of the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), the lowest last four numbers of the VIN will be able to retain the license plate configuration.

Using this formula, the Colorado Department of Revenue has determined what license plates must be replaced. As the owner of a vehicle is identified as a non-recipient of the plate, the Clerk and Recorder's Office, prior to the renewal cycle of the registration, will send a notice to them. The replacement license plate will be provided at no cost to the owner; however, the normal registration renewal fees will be charged. This replacement must be done in one of our three locations to insure current ownership of the vehicle and security of the new plates. We apologize that we can not automatically send the new plates.

The vehicle owner will also have the option of ordering, for a fee, a different two-letter/four number license plate that has not already been issued. A personalized plate application must be completed and sent to the Department of Revenue, 1881 Pierce Street, Denver, CO 80261-0016. To obtain a free standard replacement plate, please bring this notice to the Clerk and Recorder's Office.

For further information about the duplicate license plates and your options, or to find out if you are a winner of your 2/4 plate, please call the Department of Revenue information line at (303) 205-8331 or the Motor Vehicle Office at (970) 498-7878.

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