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Larimer County Vehicle Licensing

Emission Extensions

The State of Colorado may approve an emission extension for the following reasons:

  1. Out of State Student - Vehicle owner and/or immediate family member who is out of state attending school on a full-time basis. Student ID number is required.
  2. Out of State Active Military - Vehicle owner and/or spouse who is out of state on active duty in a branch of the United States military. Military individual must be the owner or co-owner of the vehicle. Military ID number is required.
  3. Colorado Resident Seasonally Out of State - Vehicle owner who spends a portion of the year (less than 12 months) and returns the vehicle to Colorado every year. It is strongly recommended that the vehicle owner change the registration cycle to coincide with when the vehicle is in Colorado to avoid Emission Extensions every year.
  4. Vehicle Disabled Out of State - Vehicle owner and/or immediate family member who had the vehicle out of state when it became disabled due to a vehicle accident or engine trouble. Must provide receipts from the repair shop or body shop where services are provided, and or any accident report if applicable.
  5. Colorado Resident Working Out of State - Vehicle owner and/or immediate family member who is working in any capacity out of state. NOTE: Some states require registration if individual is working in their state (i.e. Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Texas, Utah and Wyoming).
  6. Colorado Resident Temporarily Out of State - Vehicle owner and/or immediate family member who is temporarily out of state for family emergency, caring for a sick relative, settling family estate, etc.

For ALL EXTENSIONS: If the state which the vehicle is currently in requires emissions testing, you must submit a PASSING emissions test from the state with your application (except for reason "D"). If an emissions test is not required, you must submit a vehicle identification number VIN inspection (DR2698) from the state the vehicle is currently in, to be completed by law enforcement ONLY, with your application.

While an approved extension will exempt your vehicle from the Colorado Emissions requirements, you may be in violation of other states vehicle registration laws, in which you currently reside. You may be required to register your vehicle in that state. You are advised to contact the local vehicle registration office for more information.

Vehicles registered using only a VIN Verification MUST be emission tested within 15 days upon returning to Colorado. Owners of vehicle that do not comply with the inspection requirements upon return to Colorado are subject to penalties as defined in 42-3-313 CRS.

Once the vehicle returns to Colorado, the vehicle owner MUST contact his or her County Clerk's Office to have his or her registration mailing address changed back to a Colorado address.

Emission Extension Form (DR2376)

Driver's licenses are not issued by our office, they may be obtained at the Colorado Department of Revenue, Driver's License Division
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