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Larimer County Vehicle Licensing

Removing a Lien

Effective July 1, 2006, secure and verifiable identification is required on all new titles, duplicate titles, new registrations, new temporary registration permits, and new placards. The identification must be provided by the owner of record or a power of attorney presented by the agent. The agent must have secure and verifiable identification to complete the transaction. Commercially owned or lien holder transactions require a letter of authorization.

To remove a lien on a motor vehicle, the owner (or agent with proper identification and power of attorney) must present the title to our office. The lien release section must be properly signed and dated by the financial institution or lien holder. The fee for the transaction will be $7.20 title fee. Upon receipt of the proper documents an application for title will be completed and a clear title will be issued.

Driver's licenses are not issued by our office, they may be obtained at the Colorado Department of Revenue, Driver's License Division
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