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Board of Adjustment

Members and applicants

Description All land in Larimer County is zoned. The zone represents the permitted uses on a parcel of land. Permitted uses reflect many things like historical uses such as agriculture and current uses such as what is expected by the neighbors. The Land Use Code spells out what is allowed where. Sometimes residents will want to do something different than what is allowed in the Land Use Code on a parcel of land. Sometimes they need more clarification. The Board of Adjustment is the body that hears and decides requests for variances, clarification, and interpretation. Example: If someone wanted to build a structure closer to a property line than is currently allowed in the rules, they would have to ask the Board of Adjustment for a variance. Whether they are allowed the variance depends on a list of criteria.

According to State Statutes, any county that has zoning regulations is required to provide for a Board of Adjustment, specifically for the purpose of hearing and deciding upon appeals. Appeals to the Board of Adjustment may be taken by any person aggrieved by his/her inability to obtain a building permit or by any order, requirement or decisions made by an administrative officer or agency in the administration, interpretation or enforcement of the provisions of the zoning resolution.

The Larimer County Land Use Code, Sec. 22.3, Appeals to the Board of Adjustment and Sec. 4.6, Variances spell out the applicable requirements. The decisions made by the Board of Adjustment are final, but can be appealed to the appropriate court.

Number of members 5 Reg & 2 Alt
Qualifications Applicants must be residents of Larimer County and be at least eighteen years of age.
Term length 3
Meets Fourth Tuesday of every month, 6:00 p.m. preceded by an afternoon field trip. (Field trip is as needed.)
Larimer County Courthouse Offices Building, Hearing Room - 152, 200 West Oak, Fort Collins
For the exact date/time and locations of meetings held this week, refer to the Commissioners' schedule.
Time commitment 3-4 hours per month
Staff contact(s) Savanah Benedict-Welch - Community Development - 498-7691 - send email
Commissioner contact Tom Donnelly, Lew Gaiter III, Steve Johnson
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